Cold War

Absurdist, Soviet-Era Dramedy ‘The Missile’ Takes Top Prize at Finnish Film Affair

Miia Tervo’s “The Missile,” an absurdist dramatic comedy based on the real-life story of a Soviet missile landing in Finnish Lapland in 1984, took home the top prize […]

‘The Theory of Everything’ Review: A Sumptuous Homage to Hitchcock Packaged as a Metaphysical Noir 

Imagine that one of Hitchcock’s villains — say, the guy missing the tip of a pinkie in “The 39 Steps,” or the shrink who runs the institute in […]

‘Guardians of the Formula’ Review: Cold War Politics Fuse with Medical History in Engrossing Chain-Reaction Drama

Arriving at a moment when interest in all things atomic has been piqued by the global success of “Oppenheimer,” Dragan Bjelogrlić’s “Guardians of the Formula” offers a far […]