The Academy

The New York Performing Arts Academy is a nonprofit organization in Manhattan that works to educate and train the next generation of performing artists.

Performance art produces valuable cultural contributions and enriches people’s lives around the world, but the path to a career in the industry is not simple.

For this reason, we are committed to making performing arts education affordable and so accessible. Our experienced, award-winning instructors and dedicated support staff combine a progressive mix of applied study, leadership development and professional outreach to help students understand their skills, unlock their full potential and prepare for a career in the arts.

With an intense but supportive style, we are proud to push students to the limits of their skills and at the same time help them refine the practical skills needed to thrive in today’s competitive market.

With programs that accommodate everyone from neophytes to seasoned pros, we challenge all students to exceed expectations and shape their own destiny, and take immense pride in our work.

At NYPAA, our dream is to help your dreams come true through arts education. We look forward to seeing you in one of our programs!

Take your passion for the arts to the next level.

At the New York Performing Arts Academy, students receive world-class guidance and instruction from award-winning instructors here in Manhattan, blocks from some of the world’s most iconic stages. Some might view the bright lights as a distraction. Our students view it as motivation.

Thousands of dreams have been launched in this city and thousands more will be launched in the future. From those just getting their toes wet with acting to seasoned professionals, our team works to put your goals within reach.

Master your craft in the entertainment capital of the world.

NYPAA offers accessible and affordable acting and performance arts programs for students with a demonstrated affinity for the arts and a desire to master their craft.