The Academy

Since 2012, The New York Performing Arts Academy, Inc. offered affordable scholarship programs for the community through its “The New York Performing Arts Academy” labeled programs. Effective January 1, 2024, The New York Performing Arts Academy programs have become a key initiative of The MusicSquared Foundation, Inc., a Manhattan-based nonprofit dedicated to educating and nurturing the next wave of performing artists.

The realm of performing arts not only contributes significantly to cultural richness globally but also offers personal enrichment. However, navigating a career in this sector can be challenging.

Driven by a commitment to make performing arts education both affordable and accessible, our team of seasoned, award-winning instructors and supportive staff delivers a forward-thinking blend of hands-on learning, leadership growth, and industry engagement. Our aim is to help students recognize their talents, unlock their full potential, and gear up for a successful arts career.

Our approach is rigorous yet nurturing, pushing students to expand their capabilities while equipping them with the practical know-how to excel in the competitive landscape of today.

Catering to a broad spectrum of individuals, from beginners to professionals, we encourage every student to surpass their expectations, carve their unique path in the arts, and take pride in their journey with us.

At The NYPAA, turning your artistic dreams into reality through education is our vision. We eagerly anticipate welcoming you to our community!

Elevate your artistic passion.

At The New York Performing Arts Academy programs, you’ll receive unparalleled mentorship and training from top-tier instructors right in Manhattan, amidst the buzz of the world’s most legendary stages. While some may see the city’s bright lights as mere distractions, our students find their ultimate inspiration in them.

This city has been the launching pad for countless dreams, with many more to be realized. Whether you’re exploring acting for the first time or you’re a seasoned artist, our mission is to make your aspirations achievable.

Hone your skills in the entertainment heartland.

The NYPAA provides accessible, cost-effective programs in Musical Theatre, Acting for Stage, Film/TV, and Dance for those showing a genuine passion for the arts and a commitment to mastering their craft.