A “Wheel of Fortune” contestant lost out on a trip to Hawaii after failing to solve a seemingly simple puzzle in Thursday’s episode of the popular game show.

Some viewers say it sounded like she guessed it in the nick of time, but according to Sajak, she had flubbed the response.

“You got the reaction. No ‘S,’ I’m sorry,” host Pat Sajak said of the crowd’s dismay.

So obvious, an audience member in the crowd could be heard yelling, “what!”, in the background after the contestant made the error.

“Wheel of Fortune” contestant Ben Tucker sounded off when Sajak joked about his blunder.

Three-time “Jeopardy!” winner Yogesh Raut took to social media to criticize the game show.

“Madame Tussauds unveiled their new waxwork of Simon Cowell,” quipped one Twit wit of the “America’s Got Talent” host.

One fan took to twitter to say, “Watching Celebrity Jeopardy! and I don’t think Hasan Minhaj is capable of answering a question like a normal person.”

The film “Smile” has nothing on Danny Elfman. Back in the day of Oingo Boingo, he’d frequently adopt a demonic grin that you could easily imagine having become a belated inspiration for the horror movie hit. He hasn’t had much opportunity to show us those choppers in the 27 years…

A “Wheel of Fortune” contestant unfortunately missed out on the grand prize after losing “one of the easiest final puzzles ever.”