‘Taxi Driver’ Writer Slams Robert De Niro for Reprising Travis Bickle Role in Uber Ad: ‘Why Bob Would Do This Is Beyond My Reckoning’

“Taxi Driver” screenwriter Paul Schrader has expressed his disapproval of Robert De Niro reportedly reprising his role as Travis Bickle in an Uber ad campaign. “Ouch. Why Bob […]

Fight Club: Endeavor Is Ready to Rumble in Media With $21 Billion UFC-WWE Merger

For decades, sports on television was a bulletproof business. Live games, airing on local stations or national networks, reliably brought in big audiences and even bigger advertising hauls. […]

Zodiac matches revealed: Here’s the sign you should be with

Zodiac compatibility is a constellation of qualities and challenges, elemental energy, and ancestral trauma. Anything can happen, anything can work and any manner of star soup between lovers can yield order out of chaos and harmony from cacophony. Here’s what works best.

TKO, New Parent Company of WWE and UFC, Shares Climb 2.6% in Stock Market Debut

Investors cheered as TKO Group Holdings, the new parent company of UFC and WWE, clambered into the Wall Street ring. Shares of TKO, which began trading Tuesday on […]

‘Daddio’ Review: Sean Penn Takes Dakota Johnson for a Ride in Bold, Conversation-Igniting Debut

If the prospect of being stuck in a New York City taxi with two characters for roughly 90 minutes doesn’t sound like your kind of movie, then you’re […]

‘Winning Time’ Stars John C. Reilly and Hadley Robinson Dig Into the Buss Family Drama, Jeanie’s Jealousy and Jerry’s Combover

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains details about the second episode of “Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty” Season 2, now streaming on Max. Papa’s got a […]