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For those who have a passion for TV, film, theater… The New York Performing Arts Academy is multi-disciplined and offers a comprehensive insight into professional training. Many people see The New York Performing Arts Academy as a bridge to a full time career, others simply see it as a challenge and exciting, fun opportunity to explore their creative side. The New York Performing Arts Academy is open to everyone over 4 and we are very proud of the wide age range that The New York Performing Arts Academy accommodates. The reasons for joining The New York Performing Arts Academy are wide and varied.

At The New York Performing Arts Academy among many other techniques, you will cover the following core skills:

Acting Development

Aims to develop: Acting techniques utilizing scene study, improvisation, naturalism and vocal and physical control: ‘Tools’ for creating characters: insight into a wide range of theatrical and dramatic genres: exercises to instill focus, relaxation and confidence: physical warm up and preparation exercises to form the basis of a disciplined and professional attitude: improvisational skills: an understanding and use of different theater practitioners’ techniques to improve concentration, focus, relaxation and performance skills: techniques to aid creation of characters to form the basis of the development of a secure physical and emotional technique.

Acting for Camera

Aims to develop: an understanding of different techniques for acting for camera: an understanding of the technical demands of screen acting: communicating emotion on camera.


Aims to develop a secure vocal and breathing technique: posture and stance: projection and volume: extension of vocal range: highlight diction and clarity.


Aims to develop: confident use of movement in physical development of characters: interpretation of characters through physicality: instill rhythm and accuracy in movement to music: secure and safe stage craft.