“Riverdale” prides itself on outrageous moments — and the Season 3 premiere proves the buzzy series is as wild as ever. Spoilers for the episode are ahead.

In case you need a refresher, Season 2 of “Riverdale” really wanted you to forget the show’s wholesome “Archie” comic-book roots. Archie was arrested for murder (framed by Mark Consuelos’ devious Hiram Lodge), and fans learned that Betty’s dad was the real Black Hood serial killer.

The mayhem continues in Season 3’s opener, “Chapter Thirty-Six: Labor Day.”

Archie is on trial, and the stress of the preceding few months has taken a toll on Betty: She’s secretly become a drug addict.

Betty’s mother, Alice, who has joined a cult called the Farm (surely nothing bad will come of that!), eventually learns the truth about her daughter’s substance abuse. Betty isn’t getting her pills through a licensed therapist; she invented a fake doctor and is forging her own prescriptions.

At the episode’s end, just when Betty finds her mom and cult buddies dangling babies over fires in the back yard (just another night in the Cooper household!), Betty collapses. Cue the uh-oh cliffhanger.

The episode also includes Jughead stumbling on a “True Detective”-style ritualistic murder scene, Archie getting a Serpents tattoo, and Cheryl Blossom shooting a rival gang member with a bow and arrow. Just in case it wasn’t chock-full of enough crazy.

Stock up on your jingle jangle, because “Riverdale” is back in full form. The show continues Wednesday nights at 8 p.m.