‘The Holdovers’ review: The year’s warmest movie

It’s been a chilly summer at the movies. Stories about retail products, the atomic bomb, a revisionist doll and CGI Harrison Ford have gobbled up our attention, for better or worse, but not because any of those varied titles have much heart. Then there’s the “The Holdovers,” directed by Alexander Payne, which is set during…

‘Facebook F—ed Up’: Taylor Lorenz Tells the Untold History of the Internet in Upcoming Book ‘Extremely Online’

“I want to tell the stories that have been written out of history by Silicon Valley,” says Taylor Lorenz. In her forthcoming book, “Extremely Online: The Untold Story […]

TikTok star Caleb Coffee falls ‘60 to 80’ feet off cliff onto lava rocks in Hawaii

Coffee’s father Jason revealed that his son was diagnosed with a broken femur, a fractured wrist, and received two plates and 10 screws in his right elbow while maintaining full motion in his fingers and toes.