The changes at Elon Musk’s Twitter just keep coming. On Monday, Musk — who became the CEO of the social media giant when he purchased it in October — announced that starting in April, only verified accounts will show up in Twitter’s For You recommendations. This follows Musk’s revelation last…

Season 27 of “The Bachelor,” the hit ABC reality dating series/petal spreading/love as competition train wreck is approaching the crescendo of its finale. We, the hype and hungry Bachelor Nation are waiting with bated breath and placed bets to see whom Zach Shallcross shall bless with his final rose. In honor of this hallowed occasion,…

“The Oscars, you know, they’re f–king a–holes,” the comedian said.

Molly Shannon and Ana de Armas were just revealed to be hosting upcoming episodes of the NBC sketch show.

If you’re sick of looking at the same Netflix home page every time you search for something to watch, there’s a secret solution.

A charter school principal in Florida resigned last week after objections surfaced about an art lesson involving the iconic statue — with one parent calling it “pornographic.”

“I just wanted to talk about finally [I] got a big part in a movie, and I didn’t want to make it about my sexuality,” Lane recalled.

The actor said that his character is “getting on! He’s getting old. He’s tired — he’s very tired!”

“It did feel like a middle-aged story, and I was feeling very f–king middle-aged,” he told The Post. “This character had a more grown-up set of problems than what I usually deal with.”

Is Elon Musk’s move to grant verified blue check-marks only to paying Twitter users designed to prop up the company’s revenue — or is it supposedly to democratize the social network? After actor William Shatner groused about Twitter’s plan to revoke legacy blue check-marks as of April 1 and force…