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Whoopi Goldberg’s biggest controversies on ‘The View’

Whoopi Goldberg has ignited a lot of controversies during her time co-hosting “The View.” The comedian and EGOT-winning actress has been a co-host of the buzzy talk show since 2007.  During that time, she’s had tiffs with co-hosts, made bizarre remarks about the Holocaust and domestic violence, had plenty of awkward exchanges and gotten suspended…

‘Finestkind’ Review: Toby Wallace and Ben Foster Make a Magnetic Pair as Self-Destructive Siblings

“Finestkind,” the name of both Brian Helgeland’s new film and the high-line fishing boat Tommy Lee Jones captains within it, is one of those words that New Englanders […]

‘The View’ host Ana Navarro’s husband roasted by fans over his ‘ghastly’ feet

“The View” co-host Ana Navarro put some pep in her step when she sprinted to defend her husband Al Cárdenas and his tootsies.

Sage Steele Accuses Barbara Walters of Attacking Her Backstage at ‘The View’: ‘This 140-Year-Old Woman Tried to Tackle Me’

Sage Steele, the veteran sportscaster who recently left ESPN after settling a lawsuit with the sports media giant, has accused the late Barbara Walters of assaulting her backstage […]

‘The View’s’ Ana Navarro blasted for calling mosque ‘yuck’: ‘Be respectful’

“I wish I’d worn socks. Walking barefoot on a carpet where millions walk is a little yuck to me.”