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‘Vacation Friends 2’ Review: With Sequels Like This, Who Needs Enemies?

Say this for “Vacation Friends 2”: It isn’t a drastic drop-off from the original. That has less to do with it being a better-than-usual sequel than it does […]

‘Animal’ Review: A Poignant Portrait of Life Amid the Sequins and the Seediness of a Greek Resort

The Greek hotel where Sofia Exarchou’s jittery, melancholic “Animal” takes place doesn’t seem to be anyone’s first-choice holiday destination. The beach is gritty rather than golden. The skies […]

How Sarajevo Courts Key Decision-Makers and Nurtures New Voices to Remain the Top Talent Incubator in the Balkan Region

It’s a welcome sight for any longtime visitors returning to Sarajevo, the white-jacketed waiters circling the terrace of the majestic, Austro-Hungarian-built Hotel Europe as film and TV industry […]