Thank You Very Much

Timothy Spall Talks Being Santa in ‘Joy to the World,’ the ‘True Horror’ of ‘Sixth Commandment,’ Harry Potter’s Shift Toward Being a ‘Religion’

Timothy Spall is ready to bring “Joy to the World.” “It’s a Christmas story, but an unusual Christmas story,” he tells Variety about his upcoming film, directed by […]

Russell Brand Posts First Video Since Sexual Assault Allegations: ‘It’s Been an Extraordinary and Distressing Week’

Russell Brand has made his first public comments since The Sunday Times of London published an article disclosing five women’s allegations of “sexual assaults and emotional abuse” and, […]

‘Thank You Very Much’ Review: A Documentary Chronicles the Life and Career of Andy Kaufman — but More Than That, It Understands Him

“Thank You Very Much” is a documentary about Andy Kaufman that does just what you want it to do. It details Kaufman’s life and career, showcasing all the […]