‘Taxi Driver’ Writer Slams Robert De Niro for Reprising Travis Bickle Role in Uber Ad: ‘Why Bob Would Do This Is Beyond My Reckoning’

“Taxi Driver” screenwriter Paul Schrader has expressed his disapproval of Robert De Niro reportedly reprising his role as Travis Bickle in an Uber ad campaign. “Ouch. Why Bob […]

Kanye West crashes wedding in Italy ‘looking like the grim reaper’

Disgraced rapper Kanye West went viral again this weekend after reportedly crashing a US couple’s wedding in Florence, Italy.

‘Daddio’ Review: Sean Penn Takes Dakota Johnson for a Ride in Bold, Conversation-Igniting Debut

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Meta’s ‘Let’s Feast Vietnam’ Reality Show Makes Netflix Debut

Facebook and Instagram parent company Meta has made an unusual inroad into Vietnam with reality show “Let’s Feast Vietnam,” which launched on Netflix this week in parts of […]