‘The Boy and the Heron’ Review: Hayao Miyazaki Put Retirement on Hold to Bring Us a Few New Fantasies

More often than not, Hayao Miyazaki’s heroes have been young women — from Ponyo to Princess Mononoke, mischief-seeking Kiki to the two sisters spirited away by furry forest […]

Beyoncé Kicks Off Virgo Season in L.A. With a Pre-Birthday Celebration at SoFi Stadium: Concert Review

Los Angeles was severely depleted of its rhinestones, sequins and spandex Friday night when Beyoncé fans descended upon SoFi Stadium for the first night (of three) of her […]

‘The Dive’ review: A Watery Grave Beckons in Taut Aquatic Thriller

One briny-deep thriller that does not have sharks, other aquatic predators or even human ones, German director Max Erlenwein’s English-language “The Dive” manages to work up considerable tension […]