Sarah Ferguson

Prince Harry may have hung up his crown, but he could soon own a Grammy.

Keough joins the chorus of those close to Lisa Marie who poured out their hearts on social media following the star’s untimely death at 54 due to cardiac arrest on Jan. 12.

As if Prince Andrew wasn’t already disgraced enough, a musical TV special is set to satirize the embattled British royal still further. Featuring Harry Enfield, one of Britain’s best-known impressionists, “Prince Andrew: The Musical” will focus “on the key events, relationships and controversies of Andrew’s life, including a reimagining of…

The dogs were reportedly sad when the monarch had to leave for official duties.

Among the many controversies that gripped the British Royal Family during the 1990s was one that would only come to light almost two decades later, when Prince Andrew’s friendship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and his partner Ghislaine Maxwell (who was convicted of sex trafficking last December) was eventually…

Royal courtiers told author Valentine Low that the Prince was “not easy to deal with” and “very arrogant indeed.”

Queen Elizabeth II gave Sarah Ferguson her blessing to write her historical romance novels — and even served as “inspiration” for some of the characters.