TikTok’s Showtimes Ad Feature Aims to Accelerate Box-Office Sales

Great movie recommendations can come from almost any source — your best friend, a co-worker or even your mom’s next-door neighbor’s sister. And, for over 1 billion active…

‘Game of Thrones’ star dead: Wilko Johnson, Dr. Feelgood rock guitarist, was 75

Along with his long music career, Johnson made his acting debut in “Game of Thrones” as mute executioner Per Ilyn Payne in seasons one and two of the HBO series.

At Dodger Stadium, Elton John Makes His Saunter to the Touring Finish Line Feel Like a Sprint: Concert Review

For as much of Elton John’s career has not been about the ephemeral things, couture has made the man, to some degree. That was evident Thursday night at…

Rockettes Christmas Spectacular 2022 kicks higher with winged fairy drones

Flying tiny dancers will join the leggy icons to create an immersive experience.

Nazareth frontman Dan McCafferty dead at 76

The Scotsman was known for his raspy vocals on 70s rock classics.

Republicans Eye House Takeover; J.D. Vance Wins in Ohio

Control of the House and Senate are up for grabs in Tuesday’s midterm elections, which has been marked by concerns over high inflation, crime and threats to abortion…

Notorious soccer fan who flashed entire stadium goes pro — on OnlyFans

She’s not just a flash in the fan: “Hi guys, subscribe to know all my secrets,” Carla Garza, 31, teases on her account.

Justin Bieber Celebrates LAFC Major League Soccer Cup Win With Magic Johnson and Will Ferrell

If you spotted Justin Bieber while watching the Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC) win its first MLS cup Saturday afternoon, that’s because the pop superstar’s seats were practically…

Big Star ‘#1 Record’ 50th Anniversary Concert in L.A. Has Jody Stephens and Guests Reviving a Rock Classic That Very Slowly Got Its Due

“I never travel too far / Without a little Big Star,” Paul Westerberg of the Replacements famously once sang, getting children by the millions — or at least…

‘Harry Potter’ fans urged to stop leaving socks at Dobby’s grave on Wales beach

Fans are leaving socks and other small mementos that officials say pose a risk to the area’s wildlife.

‘Love is Blind’ host Nick Lachey reveals his weird travel quirk

Nick Lachey’s wife, Vanessa, said she “just sits there” while he indulges his odd hotel habit.

Henry Thomas: Brad Pitt is ‘much more fun’ than Leonardo DiCaprio

Given his choice to work with one of the two leading men again, the 51-year-old “E.T.” actor confessed he indeed has a favorite.