Jochen Koestler Appointed Executive Vice President Non-Fiction at LEONINE Studios, Managing Director of i&u TV (EXCLUSIVE)

Jochen Koestler will take up the position of executive vice president non-fiction at German media company LEONINE Studios on Jan. 1, 2024. Together with CEO Fred Kogel, he […]

‘Poolman’ Review: Chris Pine’s Daffy Absurdist Disaster of an L.A. Noir

I’m a fan of Chris Pine: the early Shatner-smooth charisma, the powerful chops he’s displayed in movies like “Hell or High Water,” the authoritative snap of his performance […]

Zodiac matches revealed: Here’s the sign you should be with

Zodiac compatibility is a constellation of qualities and challenges, elemental energy, and ancestral trauma. Anything can happen, anything can work and any manner of star soup between lovers can yield order out of chaos and harmony from cacophony. Here’s what works best.

‘Nyad’ Review: Annette Bening and Jodie Foster Make a Terrific Team in Marathon Swim Movie

The loftier and more dangerous the goal, the finer the line that separates the Guinness Book of World Records from the Darwin Awards. At a certain point, surviving […]

‘Knox Goes Away’ Review: Michael Keaton Directs and Stars in an Entrancing Thriller About a Hit Man with Dementia

“Knox Goes Away” is a silky and entrancing thriller directed by its star, Michael Keaton — but as soon as I heard the film’s premise, I’ll admit I […]

National Beer Lover’s Day: Here’s which beer embodies your zodiac sign

Beer is the source of both bane and blessing as it leads to bloat, shaky decision making and head throbbing but can also allegedly save your life during a heat wave. In celebration of suds, we have matched a zodiac sign to the beer that best embodies, or imbibes it.

‘Daddio’ Review: Sean Penn Takes Dakota Johnson for a Ride in Bold, Conversation-Igniting Debut

If the prospect of being stuck in a New York City taxi with two characters for roughly 90 minutes doesn’t sound like your kind of movie, then you’re […]

‘The Theory of Everything’ Review: A Sumptuous Homage to Hitchcock Packaged as a Metaphysical Noir 

Imagine that one of Hitchcock’s villains — say, the guy missing the tip of a pinkie in “The 39 Steps,” or the shrink who runs the institute in […]

Why Kim Cattrall Should Get Her Own ‘Samantha in London’ Spinoff to ‘And Just Like That’

“The Mary Tyler Moore Show” gave way to “Rhoda”; “Cheers” eventually brought us “Frasier.” Could the legacy of “And Just Like That” be the London-set dramedy “Samantha”? Yes, […]

‘Vacation Friends 2’ Review: With Sequels Like This, Who Needs Enemies?

Say this for “Vacation Friends 2”: It isn’t a drastic drop-off from the original. That has less to do with it being a better-than-usual sequel than it does […]

Nicolas Cage A24 Film ‘Dream Scenario’ to Open Zurich Film Festival – Global Bulletin

FESTIVAL The European premiere of Kristoffer Borgli‘s satire “Dream Scenario,” starring Nicolas Cage, will open the 19th Zurich Film Festival (Sept. 28-Oct. 8). The film follows a hapless […]

‘The Dive’ review: A Watery Grave Beckons in Taut Aquatic Thriller

One briny-deep thriller that does not have sharks, other aquatic predators or even human ones, German director Max Erlenwein’s English-language “The Dive” manages to work up considerable tension […]