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‘Dumb Money’ and dumber: billionaire Ken Griffin freaks out ahead of Friday film release

Ken Griffin has a few bones to pick when it comes to “Dumb Money” – among them the way the star-studded flick depicts his habits when it comes to expensive art. On the positive side, attorneys for the Miami-based hedge-fund titan said they “appreciate artistic endeavors.” They applauded the casting of “Parks & Recreation” star…

‘Murder, She Wrote’ Movie in the Works at Universal; ‘Dumb Money’ Writers and Producer Amy Pascal Attached

A “Murder, She Wrote” movie is in the works at Universal Pictures, with “Dumb Money” writers Lauren Schuker Blum and Rebecca Angelo and producer Amy Pascal attached, Variety […]

‘Dumb Money’ review: GameStock stock surge movie is a tiresome bore

It’s been a banner year for underdog movies about seemingly unremarkable real-life events. The excellent “Air” and “BlackBerry” made the genesis of the Air Jordan sneaker and the world’s first smartphone seem weighty and epic — not to mention a lot of fun. The same cannot be said of the tedious “Dumb Money,” which premiered…

‘Dumb Money’ Review: In Craig Gillespie’s Brashly Entertaining Finance Saga, Paul Dano Plays the Nerd Who Led the GameStop ‘Revolution’

A lot of the young men who became stock traders in the 1980s saw themselves as rebels. With their Porsches and drugs and (by the decade’s end) their […]

‘Dumb Money’ Screenwriter Compares Game Stop Stock Scandal to Strikes: ‘It’s Rigged on Wall Street. It’s Rigged in Hollywood’

The creative team behind “Dumb Money” drew parallels between the battle between Reddit investors and Wall Street tycoons over GameStop and the actors and writers strikes that are […]

‘Dumb Money’ Is Smart Enough for the Oscars, With Standout Turns From Paul Dano, Pete Davidson and America Ferrera

Sony Pictures’ “Dumb Money” could be the most frightening horror movie this year, and the Oscars would be smart to embrace it. From the critically acclaimed director Craig […]

‘Origin’ Review: Ava DuVernay’s Monumental Look at ‘Caste’ Frames America’s Most Difficult Conversation

In “Origin,” Ava DuVernay weaves a centuries- and continents-spanning narrative feature around the ideas of Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Isabel Wilkerson, who rejects the word “racism.” It’s not that […]

Ava DuVernay on Making Venice History as First African American Woman in Competition: I’ve Been Told ‘Don’t Apply, You Won’t Get In’

At the Venice Film Festival press conference for Ava DuVernay’s new film “Origin” on Wednesday, the director revealed that she has previously been told not to apply to […]