Facebook fined $277M in Europe over data scraping probe

The penalty resulted from an investigation into the discovery of a collated set of personal data that had been scraped from Facebook between May 2018 and September 2019, and made available online.

‘Toy Story 3’ scene goes viral after audio illusion divides audiences

A scene from Disney’s “Toy Story 3” has gone viral after an audio illusion has split viewers who claim to have heard two very different recordings.

‘Amazing Race’ contestant Donald Anthony St. Claire dead at 87

“He was a true animal lover who adored his dogs, and a loving father who didn’t hesitate to end work early on Fridays to pull his kids from school for trips to Tahoe,” the obit read.

Here’s which ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ character embodies your zodiac sign

The “Guardians of the Galaxy” have taken the world–and cosmos–by storm and have shown that even a quirky hodgepodge of heroes and anti-heroes can win the hearts of audiences and readers worldwide. Find out which character aligns with your star sign!

Jeremy Chua, Lavender Chang, John Clang Reteam on Singapore Documentary ‘Absent Smile’

Prolific Singaporean producer Jeremy Chua and filmmakers John Clang and Lavender Chang are reuniting after “A Love Unknown” (2020), which Clang directed and Chang shot. This time around, they…

Kid Rock mourns Hank Williams’ home destruction: I’m ‘sick of seeing history torn to the ground’

“Whether it be in the form of monuments, statues and now something so important here in Nashville… where does it end?” Kid Rock asked.

Trevor Noah and Dua Lipa’s zodiac signs predict ‘Hotter Than Hell’ hook up

Trevor Noah and Dua (yes it’s her real name) Lipa are “Levitating” in the first flush of love. Lipa is allegedly “smitten” with Noah, a curious and cringeworthy word which translates directly to “struck hard, afflicted, visited with disaster.” It sounds painful but as the poets and the plebeians agree, so too is love. In…

Widow dancing in viral video about husband’s murder hits back at trolls: ‘Because why not?’

A Florida “Singing Widow” has been accused of dancing on her husband’s grave after boogying to Meghan Trainor’s “Made You Look.”

‘Game of Thrones’ star dead: Wilko Johnson, Dr. Feelgood rock guitarist, was 75

Along with his long music career, Johnson made his acting debut in “Game of Thrones” as mute executioner Per Ilyn Payne in seasons one and two of the HBO series.

The Little Oscar Contenders That Should: Movies the Academy Must Watch Before the End of 2022

It’s not just about the best when it comes to the Oscars. It’s about the most watched. The voters are made up of working industry folks who don’t…

Emily Ratajkowski blocked Celeste Barber on Instagram after comedian parodied bikini pic

The 40-year-old comedian sparked tension with the American supermodel last year when she uploaded a parody picture re-creating one of the supermodel’s racy G-string snaps.