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Martin Scorsese Jokingly Acknowledges Fake Internet-Invented Movie ‘Goncharov’: ‘I Made That Film Years Ago’

Misinformation has plagued many parts of the Internet — even the film community. Many years back, a Tumblr post showed an image of a knock-off brand shoe, that,…

Margot Robbie reveals how she prepared to film ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ nude scene with Leo Dicaprio

Margot Robbie revealed a boozy behind-the-scenes moment with her “The Wolf of Wall Street” costar Leonardo DiCaprio.

Quentin Tarantino on violence, racial slurs in film: ‘See something else’

Quentin Tarantino recently appeared on HBO Max’s “Who’s Talking With Chris Wallace,” where he discussed violence and racist language in his films.

Quentin Tarantino says ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ is his best film

The legendary filmmaker also said the current movie era is “the worst in Hollywood history.”

‘Atlanta’ Director Hiro Murai on Darius’ Backstory, the Danger of Popeyes Sandwiches and Being ‘Contrarian’ in the Series Finale

SPOILER ALERT: This interview contains spoilers from the series finale of “Atlanta,” now available on FX and Hulu. “Atlanta” finally feels like it’s back … right as it’s ending.…

Omar Epps spills on life-changing ‘Juice’ with Jalen Rose

On the latest episode of the “Jalen Rose: Renaissance Man” podcast, Omar Epps tells Jalen about writing his new sci-fi book and how the film “Juice” changed his life.

Henry Thomas: Brad Pitt is ‘much more fun’ than Leonardo DiCaprio

Given his choice to work with one of the two leading men again, the 51-year-old “E.T.” actor confessed he indeed has a favorite.

Netflix’s ‘Death Note’ Adaptation from Duffer Brothers Taps Halia Abdel-Meguid to Write and Executive Produce

Halia Abdel-Meguid is set to write and executive produce “Death Note,” a manga adaptation being developed at Netflix. The live action series comes from the company’s overall deal…

Nino Rota’s ‘La Dolce Vita’ Score Gets Re-Release, Celebrated With Flash Mob Orchestra Performance in Front of Trevi Fountain (EXCLUSIVE)

The soundtrack of Federico Fellini’s Oscar-winning “La Dolce Vita” is getting a re-release via record label CAM Sugar, which staged an impromptu performance of Nino Rota’s iconic score in…

Brendan Fraser’s Triumphant Comeback: How Playing a 600-Pound Gay Man in ‘The Whale’ Resurrected His Career

Brendan Fraser fought armies of the undead in “The Mummy.” He swung from vines in “George of the Jungle.” He traveled around the world with Bugs Bunny and…

Keanu Reeves Exits ‘Devil in the White City’ Series at Hulu (EXCLUSIVE)

Keanu Reeves will no longer star in the Hulu series adaptation of “The Devil in the White City,” Variety has learned exclusively from sources. The show was first…

‘Lewd’ scene with Margot Robbie in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ actually happened

Jordan Belfort’s ex-wife Nadine Macaluso, 54, has revealed that a jaw-dropping pool party scene from the movie was based on a real event.