King Charles III

In response to Prince Harry’s bombshell memoir, King Charles III is said to be preparing his response in an upcoming BBC interview ahead of his coronation ceremony.

“They did that to discredit us…and by discrediting us, they can discredit the content of the show,” the Oscar-nominated director said.

“I thought the queen was one of the most exceptional women I ever had the honor and privilege of meeting,” Maxwell, 61, said on Sunday from behind bars.

King Charles III is no family man, according to a royal expert.

Viral video: King Charles III got an egg-stra warm welcome in York, England.

The publication date and title of Prince Harry’s memoir has finally been confirmed by Penguin Random House. The publishing titans have said the British royal’s memoir will be titled “Spare” and have set a release date of Jan. 10 – notably missing the usually crucial Christmas market. The hardcover edition…

Netflix has finally buckled to protests demanding it makes clear its royal TV series “The Crown” is a “fictional dramatization.”

“I can tell you, that he’s watched previous seasons of ‘The Crown’ and enjoyed it,” a royal author said.

British Vogue has caused a field day for online trolls by publishing a special issue honoring Queen Elizabeth II that has a large blank space on the front where a picture would usually go.

The service is reportedly set to be shorter and the guest list chopped by 75%.

Prince Harry’s memoir is set to be published in 2023, but royal expert Tina Brown has claimed the Duke of Sussex’s book may never see the light of day.