Absurdist, Soviet-Era Dramedy ‘The Missile’ Takes Top Prize at Finnish Film Affair

Miia Tervo’s “The Missile,” an absurdist dramatic comedy based on the real-life story of a Soviet missile landing in Finnish Lapland in 1984, took home the top prize […]

‘Strays’ Review: Foul-Mouthed Dogs Teach Humans a Few New Tricks in Original Talking-Dog Comedy

Pet owners spend an inordinate amount of time imagining, ascribing, even acting out the behaviors of their animals. “Strays” feels like the natural — if comically exaggerated — […]

‘Barbie’ Music Boss Mark Ronson Trolls Bill Maher for Bashing the Film as ‘Man-Hating’ While Many Others ‘Enjoy a F—ing Magnificent Comedy’

Mark Ronson roasted Bill Maher on social media over his response to “Barbie,” for which Ronson served as music producer and oversaw the film’s original soundtrack. Maher slammed […]