Famed Spanish Stand-Up Comedian Berto Romero Talks ‘The Other Side,’ Genre Mashups, ‘Connecting with the Spanish Character’

“Modestly speaking, we’ve tried to create a culture at Movistar Plus+ which attracts talent. We have a lot of respect for what creators want to tell and believe […]

Zodiac matches revealed: Here’s the sign you should be with

Zodiac compatibility is a constellation of qualities and challenges, elemental energy, and ancestral trauma. Anything can happen, anything can work and any manner of star soup between lovers can yield order out of chaos and harmony from cacophony. Here’s what works best.

India’s Karthi Talks ‘Japan,’ ‘Kaithi 2,’ Global Plans and Teaming With Brother Suriya (EXCLUSIVE)

Indian star Karthik Sivakumar, known by his screen name Karthi, is bullish about upcoming release “Japan,” his 25th film. The film is due to release in November during […]

Susan Sarandon’s brother ‘hooked up with’ a bridesmaid at her wedding

The Oscar-winning actress remembered that her mother, who was “basically pregnant all the time,” sat “at the back of the church for, like, 10 minutes,” in a black raincoat.

‘Pain Hustlers’ Review: Emily Blunt and Chris Evans Say ‘Yes’ to Drugs in Taxing Satire of Opioid Slingers

Early in his career, comedian Kumail Nanjiani did a bit about a new drug called “cheese,” which, if you break down the ingredients, turns out to be Tylenol […]

‘His Three Daughters’ Review: Director Azazel Jacobs Proves He’s Major in a Family Saga Starring Carrie Coon, Elizabeth Olsen, and Natasha Lyonne

In 2008, the writer-director Azazel Jacobs made a small but vivid splash with “Momma’s Man,” a Sundance comedy about a troubled dweeb hiding out in the cocoon of […]

‘Dumb Money’ Review: In Craig Gillespie’s Brashly Entertaining Finance Saga, Paul Dano Plays the Nerd Who Led the GameStop ‘Revolution’

A lot of the young men who became stock traders in the 1980s saw themselves as rebels. With their Porsches and drugs and (by the decade’s end) their […]

Jimmy Buffett’s 12 Best Musical Moments That Weren’t ‘Margaritaville’

Beloved beyond his “Parrothead” majority for the plush, tropical island vibe of 1977’s “Margaritaville,” the music and words of Jimmy Buffett forever had a lonely, laissez-faire literary éclat. […]

‘Bachelor’ Franchise Moves to Thursday Nights as ABC Revamps Fall Schedule (TV News Roundup) 

ABC is moving its “The Bachelor” franchise, including the first ever “Golden Bachelor,” to Thursdays this fall. The Alphabet web has revealed several tweaks to its fall plans, […]