David Zaslav

WGA-AMPTP Negotiations Still Going Amid Signs of Momentum

Negotiations between the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and the Hollywood studios continued into Friday night as questions swirled around town regarding whether a deal had been reached […]

WGA Picket Lines Swell with Solidarity and Cautious Optimism as AMPTP Contract Talks Go a Third Day with CEOs

WGA picket lines on the West Coast swelled Friday in response to the call from guild leaders for a strong turnout on the streets as labor and management […]

Which Streaming Service Cancels TV Series at the Highest Rate? This New Study Sets the Record Straight

The Streaming Era began with a promise of nurturing shows without fear of ratings pressure and quick cancellations. Of course, that was a lark. Soon enough, the streamers […]

CNN Poised to Get (Another) New Leader, Mark Thompson, in Twisty Warner Tenure

Warner Bros. Discovery is widely expected to name Mark Thompson, the former New York Times Co. and BBC leader who has demonstrated a knack for guiding media into […]

Hollywood Strikes Amplify Criticism of Lavish Media CEO Pay Packages

Hit any picket line in Hollywood these days, and there’s a good chance you’ll see signs slamming the lavish paydays for entertainment chiefs like Disney’s Bob Iger and […]