‘The Mire’ Puts a Feminist Spin on a Haunting Tale of Disappearances in a 19th-Century Finnish Village

Finnish director Marika Harjusaari makes her feature debut with the female-centered, 19th-century-set horror “The Mire,” which follows a woman who must use her mysterious powers to save a […]

Zodiac matches revealed: Here’s the sign you should be with

Zodiac compatibility is a constellation of qualities and challenges, elemental energy, and ancestral trauma. Anything can happen, anything can work and any manner of star soup between lovers can yield order out of chaos and harmony from cacophony. Here’s what works best.

‘Shoe Shine Caddie’ Documentary Humanizes the Homeless Experience While Taking Director Back to His Italian Cinema Roots

When first-time documentary director Leonard Manzella premieres his award-winning “Shoe Shine Caddie” at the Portobello Film Festival in London on September 16, it will represent a kind of […]

‘We Have to Fight,’ Panelists Urge at Women in Film Roundtable at Venice Film Festival (VIDEO)

Seated before a photo of filmmaker Sarah Moldoror, panelists at this year’s Women in Film roundtable shared strategies for greater industry parity, while reflecting on recent successes and […]

‘The Boy and the Heron’ Review: Hayao Miyazaki Put Retirement on Hold to Bring Us a Few New Fantasies

More often than not, Hayao Miyazaki’s heroes have been young women — from Ponyo to Princess Mononoke, mischief-seeking Kiki to the two sisters spirited away by furry forest […]

‘Doctor Who,’ ‘The Crown’ Star Matt Smith Returns to London Stage With Ibsen’s ‘An Enemy of the People’

Matt Smith, known for playing Doctor Who in the eponymous BBC series and the Duke of Edinburgh in Netflix’s “The Crown” is returning to London’s West End. Smith […]

Italian Cinema Builds on Bumper Budgets to Up Quality, Be Bolder, Battle in International Markets

Venice Film Festival artistic director Alberto Barbera is adamant about his decision to place six Italian movies in this year’s 23-title festival lineup. “Nobody accused the French of […]

‘El Conde’ Review: Pablo Larraín’s Bizarro-World Reckoning With Pinochet’s Bloodthirsty Legacy

Putting the blackened, flash-frozen heart of Chile’s undead past into a blender, blitzing it to a lumpen pulp and guzzling down the result with grimly comic relish, Pablo […]

Burning Topics From South Asia Explored in Venice Gap-Financing Market Trio

A trio of international co-productions from South Asia that are participating at the Venice Production Bridge’s gap-financing market are exploring burning topics from the region. From Nepal, Abinash […]

I get mom-shamed for bringing my son to Burning Man — he’s 7

“Our son goes everywhere that we go, and that’s just the way that we live,” Bianca Snyder said.

Emmys: Supporting Actor (Limited) – Could Ray Liotta Become the Sixth Posthumous Acting Winner for ‘Black Bird?’

Variety Awards Circuit section is the home for all awards news and related content throughout the year, featuring the following: the official predictions for the upcoming Oscars, Emmys, Grammys and […]

‘And Just Like That’ Season 2, Episode 9: Carrie moves on

Is this goodbye for Carrie’s iconic apartment? The latest episode of “And Just Like That” is all about where the ladies are — and where they’re not.