Bombshell “Glee” claims first dropped in 2020. Michele apologized for her actions, saying that she “clearly acted in ways which hurt other people.”

Now in its thirteenth season, the ‘RHONJ’ are a rotating cast of women vying for power in the privileged wilderness of the Garden State where macro aggressions, mega mansions and unabashed camp and rampant rage run amuck.

“He has done this to my privacy because I was going to keep my head down and not talk about it,” the now mother of two said.

“I know who the woman he lost his virginity to is,” actor Rupert Everett revealed. “I’m just putting it out there that I know.”

The Gen X bombshell has endured plenty of harassment and humiliation but has firmly rejected the poor-me trope.

“After I chased Bob to his car, he peeled out, leaving me there alone,” Anderson says of Kid Rock.

“My thoughts and intentions grew him into the person that he is,” Fox claimed.

In response to Prince Harry’s bombshell memoir, King Charles III is said to be preparing his response in an upcoming BBC interview ahead of his coronation ceremony.

Between the Netflix documentary “Pamela, A Love Story” and the memoir “Love, Pamela” from HarperCollins, Pamela Anderson has been spilling plenty of tea, including some embarrassing, ’90s-era anecdotes about Tim Allen and Sylvester Stallone. And while both actors have emphatically denied Anderson’s claims, director Ryan White is pushing back in…

As awards season accolades continue to pour in for the glitzy, surreal “Elvis” biopic, there’s no denying the all-too-true tragic life and death of his little girl.

Leno broke multiple bones in a freak motorcycle accident last week, mere months after his infamous facial burn fiasco.