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Drew Barrymore Had a Simpler Way Out of This Mess: Daytime Hosts Could Lose Their Shows if They Don’t Work During a Strike

As Drew Barrymore digs herself into a deeper hole regarding the return of her daytime talk show, lost in the debate is a conversation about the peculiar nature […]

WGA Meeting With Concerned Showrunners Has Been Postponed

A meeting that had been scheduled for today between the leaders of the Writers Guild of America and a group of concerned showrunners has been postponed as the […]

Keith Olbermann curses out ‘scumbag’ Bill Maher for bringing show back while writers strike: ‘F–k you’

Left-wing commentator Keith Olbermann cursed out comedian Bill Maher after the HBO host said he would bring his show back amid the writers strike.

Bill Maher’s ‘Real Time’ coming back despite strikes: Writers ‘are not the only people with issues’

The “Real Time with Bill Maher” host penned a lengthy tweet on X (formerly known as Twitter” announcing his decision to return.

Bill Maher Plans to Start HBO’s ‘Real Time’ Without Writers

Bill Maher will soon be operating by some “New Rules” — and not just the ones he makes up in the signature segment of his HBO program. The […]

Bill Maher slams Colbert, Fallon, Kimmel for pandering to liberal audiences: ‘Those guys don’t have takes’

“What they do is say exactly what a liberal audience wants them to say about that,” Maher said. “That’s not a take.”

‘Barbie’ Music Boss Mark Ronson Trolls Bill Maher for Bashing the Film as ‘Man-Hating’ While Many Others ‘Enjoy a F—ing Magnificent Comedy’

Mark Ronson roasted Bill Maher on social media over his response to “Barbie,” for which Ronson served as music producer and oversaw the film’s original soundtrack. Maher slammed […]