Alexander Payne

TIFF Audience Award Predictions: What Movie Will Get an Oscar Boost?

What will the people choose? In its final stretch, on Sunday, the Toronto International Film Festival will announce the film chosen by the public for the People’s Choice […]

‘The Holdovers’ review: The year’s warmest movie

It’s been a chilly summer at the movies. Stories about retail products, the atomic bomb, a revisionist doll and CGI Harrison Ford have gobbled up our attention, for better or worse, but not because any of those varied titles have much heart. Then there’s the “The Holdovers,” directed by Alexander Payne, which is set during…

‘The Holdovers’ Review: Alexander Payne Reunites With Paul Giamatti in What Feels Like a Lost ’70s Classic

We’ve all seen our share of stories about inspirational teachers. “The Holdovers” is dedicated to the opposite sort: a hard-ass named Paul Hunham whom everyone hates. The feeling […]