Chloë Grace Moretz: Dealing with ‘older men’ on set as a teen was a ‘mind f – – k’

She’s been acting for most of her life, and she’s now entered what she calls her “f–k it era” after living for a time as a recluse.

Here’s which ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ character embodies your zodiac sign

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‘Game of Thrones’ star dead: Wilko Johnson, Dr. Feelgood rock guitarist, was 75

Along with his long music career, Johnson made his acting debut in “Game of Thrones” as mute executioner Per Ilyn Payne in seasons one and two of the HBO series.

Pong inventor made Steve Jobs work night shift because of his bad B.O.

Apple founder Jobs was also “a nasty guy” and “a pain to work with,” said Allan Alcorn, now celebrating Pong’s 50th anniversary.

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