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Explore Musical Performance in Our Short-Term Workshops with Sheri Sanders

Dive into the essence of musical theatre and performance in our dynamic short-term workshops at The NYPAA, led by the renowned Sheri Sanders. Known for her groundbreaking approach to integrating rock and pop music into musical theatre, Sheri brings her vast experience and passionate teaching style to these intensive sessions, designed for immediate impact and skill enhancement.

What Sets Our Workshops Apart

In these concentrated workshops, you’ll receive personalized instruction from Sheri Sanders herself, focusing on the key aspects of musical performance that can be applied directly to your artistic development. Whether you’re looking to refine your vocal technique, explore emotional authenticity in performance, or prepare for auditions with confidence, these workshops offer a unique opportunity to:

  • Hone Your Vocal Skills: Learn from Sheri’s expertise in vocal performance across a variety of genres, with special emphasis on how to bring rock and pop sensibilities to musical theatre.
  • Expressive Performance: Delve into acting through song, where you’ll practice conveying complex emotions and stories with authenticity under Sheri’s guidance.
  • Audition Preparation: Gain invaluable insights into choosing the right pieces for auditions, presenting yourself to casting directors, and handling the audition process.

Workshop Structure

Each workshop is designed to maximize learning in a short timeframe, making it perfect for individuals with busy schedules or those seeking to quickly elevate their performance skills. You’ll engage in hands-on activities, receive direct feedback, and participate in performance exercises that challenge and inspire.

Why Join Our Short-Term Workshops?

  • Personalized Attention: Benefit from Sheri Sanders’ wealth of experience in a setting that ensures individual feedback and guidance.
  • Flexible Learning: Perfect for performers at any stage of their career, our workshops are designed to fit into your life, providing intensive learning that doesn’t require a long-term commitment.
  • Immediate Impact: Walk away with practical skills, techniques, and insights that can be immediately applied to your performances and auditions.

Embark on Your Musical Journey

Our short-term Musical Performance workshops with Sheri Sanders are more than just classes; they’re a transformative experience that will inspire you to explore new dimensions of your talent. Elevate your craft, express your authentic voice, and take your place in the spotlight.

Join us for an unforgettable journey into the heart of musical performance. Your stage awaits.


Meet Sheri Sanders: Your Guide to Musical Performance Mastery

Sheri Sanders stands at the forefront of musical theatre innovation, renowned for her groundbreaking work in bridging the worlds of pop/rock music and traditional musical theatre. As the Musical Performance instructor at The NYPAA, Sheri brings her passion for music, her extensive performance experience, and her revolutionary teaching methods to inspire and cultivate the next generation of musical theatre talent.

A Trailblazer in Musical Theatre

Sheri’s journey in the arts is marked by her pioneering book, “Rock the Audition,” which transformed how performers prepare for and succeed in musicals. Her insights and techniques have reshaped audition rooms across Broadway and beyond, making her a sought-after mentor for those looking to excel in the ever-evolving landscape of musical theatre.

From Stage to Classroom: A Passion for Teaching

What sets Sheri apart is not just her expertise but her profound commitment to her students. Her teaching philosophy centers on authenticity, encouraging performers to bring their true selves to their roles and performances. Sheri’s classes are more than lessons in singing and acting; they are deep dives into the soul of musical theatre, where students learn to express their emotions fully and connect with audiences on a visceral level.

A Mentor Who Inspires

Students under Sheri’s guidance find more than a teacher; they find a mentor who believes in their potential and pushes them to explore the limits of their creativity. Her influence extends beyond the classroom, with numerous protégés going on to star in major productions, testament to the effectiveness of her innovative methods.

Join Sheri Sanders at The NYPAA

Embarking on the Musical Performance program with Sheri Sanders at the helm is not just an education—it’s an adventure into the heart of what makes musical theatre thrilling, meaningful, and endlessly diverse. Whether you’re aspiring to Broadway or seeking to make your mark in local theatre, Sheri’s guidance offers a pathway to achieving your dreams with authenticity and flair.

Welcome to a world where music and emotion collide spectacularly, led by one of the most inspiring voices in contemporary musical theatre education. Welcome to Sheri Sanders’ Musical Performance program at The NYPAA.

The Musical Performance program is tailored for serious performers dedicated to refining their technical skills while igniting their creative fire. Through this immersive training, you’ll not only enhance your vocal and acting capabilities but also develop a nuanced understanding of musical performance as a profound form of storytelling.

Please note that while our short-term workshops offer a focused and intensive introduction to the world of Musical Performance, participants will not cover the entire breadth of classes detailed in our full program overview. Each workshop is carefully designed to maximize learning and skill development within a condensed timeframe, providing a tailored experience that addresses specific areas of interest and growth. For a comprehensive exploration of all topics and techniques, we encourage you to consider enrolling in our full-length programs.

At the heart of the Musical Performance Program at The NYPAA, you’ll find:

Musical Performance  Introduction and Basics

  • Understanding voice as an actor’s musical instrument
  • Basic vocal techniques tailored for musical theatre, including posture, breathing, and vocal warm-ups

Vocal Flexibility for Musicals

  • Exercises to enhance vocal range and flexibility
  • Techniques for maintaining vocal health and endurance in musical contexts

Tone, Color, and Character in Song

  • Exploring different vocal tones and colors in the context of musical theatre
  • Adapting vocal quality for various characters and emotions within songs

Integration with Acting for Musicals

  • Initial steps in blending vocal technique with acting principles
  • Utilizing personal experiences and emotions in vocal expression for musical storytelling

Advanced Techniques and Characterization in Musical Performance Advanced Breathing and Resonance Techniques

  • Developing advanced breath control and mastering resonance in a musical setting
  • Exploring vocal projection and volume control specific to musical theatre

Character Voices in Song

  • Techniques for crafting distinct voices for different characters in musicals
  • Considering character traits, backstory, and motivation in vocal expression within songs

Expressing Emotions through Song

  • Techniques for conveying a range of emotions vocally in a musical context
  • Integrating vocal technique with emotional authenticity in musical performances

Text Work in Musical Performance

  • Applying vocal techniques to scripted musical material
  • Using voice to express subtext and character relationships within musical numbers

Application and Performance in Musical Theatre Vocal Performance Techniques for Musicals

  • Building vocal stamina specifically for musical performances
  • Techniques for maintaining vocal health during extended musical runs

Rehearsal Process for Musical Performance

  • Applying vocal techniques in the rehearsal process for musicals
  • Incorporating feedback and making adjustments based on instructor notes and input

Integration with Movement and Physical Expression in Musicals

  • Coordinating voice and body seamlessly in musical theatre performances
  • Techniques for embodying vocal expression within the context of choreography


Additional Costs: Please note, the program fees cover only the instructional aspects of the program. All travel-related expenses, including flights and visa costs, fall under the student’s responsibility and are not included.

Cancellation and Refund Policy: We understand that plans can change, but please be advised that enrollment in this class/course/program is NON-REFUNDABLE under any circumstances. Instead of a refund, we offer credits that can be applied to future classes/courses/programs, ensuring your investment in your artistic instruction continues to benefit you.

Short-Term Disclaimer: For students embarking on our 4, 8, or 12-week classes/courses/programs, it’s important to understand that these are designed to provide an intensive, focused introduction to the discipline. While offering a rich learning experience, the condensed nature of these workshops means they cannot cover the full spectrum of topics, techniques, and training outlined in our comprehensive program overviews. For guidance on selecting the right workshop to meet your goals, or for more information on what to expect, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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4 Week: The Art of Musical Performance

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