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Dive into the heart of musical expression with the Musical Performance Program at The NYPAA, led by the renowned Sheri Sanders. Known for her revolutionary approach to musical theatre, especially in the realm of rock musicals, Sheri Sanders brings a wealth of experience and a dynamic teaching style to aspiring performers eager to explore the depths of their musical and acting talents.

A Curriculum Designed for Musical Mastery

This program isn’t just about learning to sing; it’s about transforming into a versatile performer who can navigate the complexities of musical theatre with confidence and originality. Under Sheri’s guidance, you’ll delve into:

  • Vocal Technique and Expression: Master the foundational techniques of singing while exploring the nuances of vocal expression across different musical genres. Sheri’s expertise in rock musicals introduces you to a diverse vocal palette, from the raw energy of rock to the nuanced storytelling of traditional theatre.
  • Acting Through Song: Learn to convey deep emotional narratives through music. This core aspect of the curriculum focuses on interpreting songs as monologues, allowing you to connect with audiences on a profound level, making every performance memorable.
  • Performance Skills: Beyond the voice, a musical performer’s body and presence on stage are vital. You’ll refine your skills in movement, stage presence, and audience engagement, ensuring you’re not just heard but seen and felt.
  • Audition Preparation: Navigating the audition process can be daunting. Sheri shares her insider knowledge on selecting pieces that showcase your strengths, presenting yourself to casting directors, and handling the pressures of auditioning with grace and confidence.

The Sheri Sanders Method

Sheri’s unique teaching approach is grounded in the belief that authenticity and emotional truth are the heart of unforgettable performances. Her method emphasizes:

  • Authenticity in Performance: Bringing your true self to your performance, making every song and role uniquely yours.
  • Emotional Connectivity: Deepening your emotional connection to the material, ensuring that every note carries the weight of its intended narrative.
  • Innovative Interpretation: Encouraging creative interpretations of well-known material, fostering a culture of innovation and personal artistry within the classics of musical theatre.

Join Our Community of Emerging Musical Talents

The Musical Performance Program at The NYPAA is more than a series of classes; it’s an invitation to join a vibrant community of artists committed to pushing the boundaries of musical theatre. Whether you dream of Broadway stages or wish to invigorate local theatre with fresh energy, your journey starts here.

Ready to Raise Your Voice?

Prepare to embark on a transformative journey that promises not just to elevate your skills but to redefine what it means to be a performer in today’s musical theatre landscape. With Sheri Sanders leading the way, there’s no limit to where your talent can take you.

Welcome to Musical Performance at The NYPAA, where your voice, your story, and your passion take center stage.


Meet Sheri Sanders: Your Guide to Musical Performance Mastery

Sheri Sanders stands at the forefront of musical theatre innovation, renowned for her groundbreaking work in bridging the worlds of pop/rock music and traditional musical theatre. As the Musical Performance instructor at The NYPAA, Sheri brings her passion for music, her extensive performance experience, and her revolutionary teaching methods to inspire and cultivate the next generation of musical theatre talent.

A Trailblazer in Musical Theatre

Sheri’s journey in the arts is marked by her pioneering book, “Rock the Audition,” which transformed how performers prepare for and succeed in musicals. Her insights and techniques have reshaped audition rooms across Broadway and beyond, making her a sought-after mentor for those looking to excel in the ever-evolving landscape of musical theatre.

From Stage to Classroom: A Passion for Teaching

What sets Sheri apart is not just her expertise but her profound commitment to her students. Her teaching philosophy centers on authenticity, encouraging performers to bring their true selves to their roles and performances. Sheri’s classes are more than lessons in singing and acting; they are deep dives into the soul of musical theatre, where students learn to express their emotions fully and connect with audiences on a visceral level.

A Mentor Who Inspires

Students under Sheri’s guidance find more than a teacher; they find a mentor who believes in their potential and pushes them to explore the limits of their creativity. Her influence extends beyond the classroom, with numerous protégés going on to star in major productions, testament to the effectiveness of her innovative methods.

Join Sheri Sanders at The NYPAA

Embarking on the Musical Performance program with Sheri Sanders at the helm is not just an education—it’s an adventure into the heart of what makes musical theatre thrilling, meaningful, and endlessly diverse. Whether you’re aspiring to Broadway or seeking to make your mark in local theatre, Sheri’s guidance offers a pathway to achieving your dreams with authenticity and flair.

Welcome to a world where music and emotion collide spectacularly, led by one of the most inspiring voices in contemporary musical theatre education. Welcome to Sheri Sanders’ Musical Performance program at The NYPAA.

The Musical Performance program is tailored for serious performers dedicated to refining their technical skills while igniting their creative fire. Through this immersive training, you’ll not only enhance your vocal and acting capabilities but also develop a nuanced understanding of musical performance as a profound form of storytelling.

At the heart of the Musical Performance program at The NYPAA, you’ll find:

Musical Performance  Introduction and Basics

  • Understanding voice as an actor’s musical instrument
  • Basic vocal techniques tailored for musical theatre, including posture, breathing, and vocal warm-ups

Vocal Flexibility for Musicals

  • Exercises to enhance vocal range and flexibility
  • Techniques for maintaining vocal health and endurance in musical contexts

Tone, Color, and Character in Song

  • Exploring different vocal tones and colors in the context of musical theatre
  • Adapting vocal quality for various characters and emotions within songs

Integration with Acting for Musicals

  • Initial steps in blending vocal technique with acting principles
  • Utilizing personal experiences and emotions in vocal expression for musical storytelling

Advanced Techniques and Characterization in Musical Performance Advanced Breathing and Resonance Techniques

  • Developing advanced breath control and mastering resonance in a musical setting
  • Exploring vocal projection and volume control specific to musical theatre

Character Voices in Song

  • Techniques for crafting distinct voices for different characters in musicals
  • Considering character traits, backstory, and motivation in vocal expression within songs

Expressing Emotions through Song

  • Techniques for conveying a range of emotions vocally in a musical context
  • Integrating vocal technique with emotional authenticity in musical performances

Text Work in Musical Performance

  • Applying vocal techniques to scripted musical material
  • Using voice to express subtext and character relationships within musical numbers

Application and Performance in Musical Theatre Vocal Performance Techniques for Musicals

  • Building vocal stamina specifically for musical performances
  • Techniques for maintaining vocal health during extended musical runs

Rehearsal Process for Musical Performance

  • Applying vocal techniques in the rehearsal process for musicals
  • Incorporating feedback and making adjustments based on instructor notes and input

Integration with Movement and Physical Expression in Musicals

  • Coordinating voice and body seamlessly in musical theatre performances
  • Techniques for embodying vocal expression within the context of choreography





      • Start: 09/07/2024
      • End: 06/28/2025



        • Start: 01/18/2025
        • End: 09/27/2025
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1-Year: The Art of Musical Performance

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