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Dive into the Acting for Stage, Film, and Television program at The NYPAA, where every actor’s potential is unlocked and nurtured to full bloom. Under the guidance of the acclaimed Karina Arroyave, alongside a cadre of experienced industry professionals, you’ll embark on a comprehensive exploration of acting that transcends traditional boundaries.

A Program Designed for Transformation

With Karina Arroyave at the helm, known for her captivating performances and profound instructional approach, you’ll delve into:

  • Foundational Skills: Embrace the essentials of acting, understanding character motivations and the distinct nuances between performing for stage, film, and TV.
  • Character Development and Scene Study: Engage in creating believable characters and dynamic scene work, enriching your ability to connect and convey complex narratives.
  • Medium-Specific Mastery: Navigate the specific demands of stage, film, and television acting, enhancing your versatility and adaptability across mediums.
  • Audition Preparation: Equip yourself with the strategies and confidence needed for successful auditions, from monologue selection to mastering cold reads.

Beyond Technique: A Holistic Approach

Our program is a sanctuary for creative growth, offering a supportive environment where you can develop your craft alongside like-minded artists. Every step is an opportunity to deepen your understanding and expression of the art form.

Ready to Begin?

On the first day of class, come prepared with a monologue that speaks to you—something you’re passionate about and eager to explore. Need help finding the right piece? Memorize your monologue with no inflections. Upon registration, we’ll provide you with a curated list of resources to discover a monologue that resonates with your artistic voice.

Join Us and Transform Your Art

Whether you’re stepping onto the stage for the first time or seeking to elevate your existing skills, the Acting for Stage, Film, and Television program at The NYPAA is your gateway to a fulfilling artistic journey. Here, you’re not just learning to act; you’re preparing to leave an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of audiences.

Embrace the challenge, nurture your talent, and shape your future in the performing arts. Your next level awaits.


Introducing Karina Arroyave: A Beacon of Acting Excellence

Karina Arroyave, a luminary in the realms of stage, film, and television, brings her extraordinary talent and depth of experience to The NYPAA as our instructor for the Acting for Stage, Film & TV program. Celebrated for her versatility and captivating performances, Karina embodies the spirit of true artistry, making her an invaluable guide for aspiring actors.

A Rich Tapestry of Performances

Karina’s illustrious career spans across critically acclaimed films, captivating television series, and powerful stage performances. Her roles in “Lean on Me,” “One Eight Seven,” and the Oscar-winning “Crash” showcase her ability to delve deep into complex characters, earning her widespread recognition. Transitioning seamlessly to television, Karina has enchanted audiences in “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” “24,” “Orange Is the New Black,” and “The Blacklist,” proving her adaptability and skill in a variety of roles.

From Spotlight to Classroom

What truly sets Karina apart is her dedication to nurturing the next generation of actors. Drawing from her rich experiences in front of the camera and on stage, she offers students a comprehensive understanding of the craft. Karina’s teaching philosophy emphasizes emotional authenticity, encouraging students to explore the depths of their characters and bring genuine emotion to their performances.

Empowering Tomorrow’s Storytellers

In her classroom, Karina fosters an environment of growth, exploration, and discovery. She believes that every actor has a unique story to tell and equips her students with the tools to express themselves fully and fearlessly. From analyzing scripts to mastering the subtleties of camera work and stage presence, Karina guides her students through the intricacies of acting for both screen and stage.

Join Karina Arroyave at The NYPAA

Embarking on your acting journey under Karina’s mentorship is a transformative experience. She not only teaches the techniques of acting but also instills a passion for storytelling and a deep respect for the craft. Whether you dream of captivating audiences in theaters, enchanting viewers on the small screen, or moving people in cinemas around the world, Karina Arroyave’s Acting for Stage, Film & TV program at The NYPAA is your gateway to realizing those dreams.

Step into a world where passion meets performance, guided by one of the most inspiring instructors in the field. Welcome to Karina Arroyave’s domain, where your acting aspirations become achievable realities.

The Acting for Stage, Film & TV program is not just about technique; it’s about transforming actors into storytellers who can move audiences with their authenticity and emotion. Karina’s unique teaching style emphasizes the importance of connecting deeply with characters’ journeys, preparing you to take on roles that resonate and impact viewers.

At the heart of the Acting for Stage, Film & TV program at The NYPAA, you’ll find:

  • Acting Fundamentals
    1. Basic Acting Techniques
      • Introduction to acting principles, including character analysis, motivation, and objective
      • Introduction to the differences between stage, film, and TV acting
    2. Character Development
      • Techniques for creating believable characters
      • Exploration of physicality, voice, and emotional life of characters
    3. Scene Study
      • Working with partners on scripted scenes
      • Use of objectives, obstacles, and tactics
    4. Text Analysis
      • Techniques for breaking down a script and understanding character motivations
      • Exploration of subtext, relationships, and themes

    Medium-Specific Techniques

    1. Stage Acting
      • Techniques for projection, movement, and interaction with live audience
      • Working with blocking, stage directions, and theater-specific terminology
    2. Film Acting
      • Techniques for acting on camera, including use of facial expression, subtlety, and continuity
      • Understanding the technical aspects of film production and their impact on performance
    3. TV Acting
      • Understanding the pacing, style, and structure of TV scripts
      • Exploration of character consistency and development over multiple episodes
    4. Transitioning Between Mediums
      • Techniques for adjusting performance style to suit stage, film, or TV
      • Exploration of career paths in each medium

    Advanced Techniques and Performance

    1. Audition Techniques
      • Preparation of monologues and cold reading techniques
      • Understanding the casting process and how to present oneself in auditions
    2. Rehearsal Process
      • Techniques for deepening character work and relationships during rehearsals
      • Application of feedback and direction
    3. Performance Techniques
      • Building stamina for performance runs and shooting schedules
      • Techniques for maintaining character consistency and energy
    4. Final Performances and Screenings
      • Rehearsals and performances/screenings of final scenes
      • Critique and feedback sessions





      • Start: 09/07/2024
      • End: 06/28/2025



        • Start: 01/18/2025
        • End: 09/27/2025
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1-Year: Acting for Stage, Film & TV

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