Spring 2024: Acting Foundations



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Program Description

Discover the actor within you and step confidently onto any stage or set with The New York Performing Arts Academy’s “Acting Foundations” program. This program covers:

Acting for Stage, Film & TV: 

Immerse yourself in a comprehensive acting program designed to prepare you for diverse performance platforms. Learn the foundational techniques unique to each medium: the grandeur of stage acting, the subtleties of film, and the dynamic demands of television. With our expert guidance, you’ll seamlessly adapt your performance style to fit any stage or screen, ensuring you’re ready to captivate audiences no matter the setting. This program is a cornerstone for any aspiring actor looking to shine in New York City’s diverse entertainment landscape.

Acting for The Camera:

Step into the spotlight and master the craft of on-screen performance with our specialized On Camera Acting program. Understand the nuances and intricacies of acting in front of a lens, from subtle facial expressions to body positioning. Our seasoned instructors guide you through techniques tailored for the camera, ensuring every emotion and gesture resonates with your audience. Whether you’re looking to star in feature films, commercials, or TV dramas, this course offers the tools and training you need to shine on screen.

Character Development:

Dive deep into the soul of your roles with our intensive Character Development course. Unleash your potential as you explore, craft, and refine compelling characters from the ground up. Guided by industry veterans, students will learn to navigate the complex layers of emotion, motivation, and backstory, enabling them to deliver authentic and transformative performances on stage and screen. Whether you’re tackling a classic Shakespearean role or a modern-day protagonist, this course ensures that you fully inhabit your characters, captivating audiences with every line and gesture.


For the first day of class, please bring a memorized monologue of your choice, something you’re excited to work on.

If you need assistance finding a monologue, a list of sites we recommend will be provided upon registration.


Discover the captivating talent of Karina Arroyave, a distinguished Colombian-American actress and an esteemed acting instructor. Her stellar performances in legendary films such as “Lean on Me”, “One Eight Seven”, and the critically acclaimed “Crash” have propelled her to the limelight, making her a household name.

Transitioning seamlessly between the silver screen and television, Arroyave has graced numerous beloved series, such as “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”, “24”, and “Orange Is The New Black”. She recently mesmerized audiences with her powerful performance as Mierce Xiu on “The Blacklist”.

Beyond her commendable on-screen achievements, Arroyave is also the leading acting instructor at The New York Performing Arts Academy. Boasting over a decade of experience guiding the next generation of performers, she is revered for her supportive and nurturing style. Her unique teaching approach emphasizes emotional authenticity, empowering actors to find their voice and hone their craft.

Her success as a mentor is evident in the flourishing careers of her protégés, who have broken ground in film, television, and theatre. They continually sing praises of Arroyave’s inspiration and impact, establishing her as a respected figurehead in the entertainment industry.

Arroyave’s portrayal of Karla Córdova, a Salvadoran detainee, during the final season of Netflix’s comedy-drama, “Orange Is the New Black”, was hailed by critics and audiences alike. Described as “one of the most compelling characters in the entire series,” Arroyave’s heart-wrenching performance cemented her status as a formidable actress. Curious to see a glimpse of her in action? Click the link below to witness her unforgettable portrayal of Karla.



    Start Date:  01/20/2024
    End Date: 09/28/2024
    Saturday afternoons


    Program hours are 3:00pm – 7:00pm EST


    Tuition: $4,930.00
    • This program/workshop is non-refundable, no exceptions.  Credits for future programs/workshops will be issued.

    Spring 2024: Acting Foundations


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