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Program Description

Immerse yourself in the electrifying world of The Art of Motion: Movement & Stage Combat program, a thrilling adventure that will unlock your physical prowess and unleash your artistic expression. Led by seasoned industry professionals, this program is meticulously designed to empower you with a comprehensive skill set that will captivate audiences and elevate your performances to new heights.

Throughout the program, you will embark on an exploration of movement as a powerful tool for character development and storytelling. From the basics of posture, alignment, and balance to the intricacies of physical characterization, you’ll learn to wield your body as an instrument to convey emotion, age, personality, and beyond. Dive deep into the art of physicality and discover the endless possibilities of human movement.

But that’s not all – brace yourself for the exhilarating realm of stage combat. Learn the art of controlled violence, from unarmed combat to wielding weapons with precision and confidence. Under the guidance of expert instructors, you’ll master choreography, timing, and the seamless integration of combat techniques into your performances. Safely explore the realm of conflict, adding intensity and authenticity to your portrayal of characters.

As the program progresses, you’ll merge movement and stage combat seamlessly, finding the harmony between physicality and storytelling. Discover how to imbue every movement with purpose, aligning your body, voice, and emotions to create truly captivating performances. Dive into text work, where you’ll learn to apply your developed vocal and physical techniques to scripted material, skillfully conveying subtext and building authentic character relationships.

The final stage of the program culminates in exhilarating performances. Collaborate with fellow students to bring scenes to life, showcasing your honed skills and receiving valuable feedback from instructors and peers. Experience the thrill of embodying characters, engaging in intricate fight sequences, and leaving audiences breathless.

Join The Art of Motion: Movement & Stage Combat program, where you’ll explore the limits of your physical potential, build your confidence, and emerge as a versatile performer ready to conquer the stage. This is your chance to make a lasting impression and forge a path in the world of performing arts. Enroll now and let your movements become an extraordinary language of expression!


Movement for Actors

  1. Basics of Movement
    • Understanding the body as an instrument for acting
    • Basics of posture, alignment, and balance
    • Exploring space and movement
  2. Physical Characterization
    • Using physicality to portray different characters
    • Exploring how age, personality, and physical conditions affect movement
  3. Ensemble Movement
    • Synchronization and mirroring exercises
    • Choreographed group scenes
  4. Improvisation and Creative Movement
    • Using movement to express emotion and advance plot
    • Improvisation exercises

Stage Combat

  1. Safety and Basics
    • Safety rules and precautions of stage combat
    • Basic techniques like falls, slaps, and punches
  2. Unarmed Combat
    • Choreographing and performing unarmed fights
    • Techniques for making fights look realistic
  3. Armed Combat
    • Introduction to fighting with stage props like swords and knives
    • Safety precautions for armed combat
  4. Choreographing Fight Scenes
    • Creating fight scenes that serve the story and characters
    • Performing choreographed fights

Integrating Movement and Stage Combat

  1. Character-Specific Movement and Combat
    • Using movement and combat techniques to portray specific characters
    • Understanding how character traits can inform physical actions
  2. Choreographing Complex Scenes
    • Incorporating both movement and combat into scenes
    • Emphasizing storytelling and character development through physical action
  3. Performance Techniques
    • Building stamina and consistency for performance
    • Learning to adapt physical performance to different stage spaces and audiences
  4. Final Performances
    • Rehearsals and final performances of scenes incorporating both movement and stage combat techniques
    • Feedback and critique sessions

Please note that the 4-week, 8-week, and 12-week classes offered in our The Art of Motion: Movement and Stage Combat program provide an immersive experience and cover essential elements of the program outline. However, due to the condensed timeframe, not all topics and components mentioned in the comprehensive outline will be fully explored. These shorter classes offer a focused introduction to movement and stage combat, allowing you to develop foundational skills and gain a taste of the exciting world of physical performance. For a more comprehensive and in-depth exploration, we recommend considering the full Fall Program.



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4 Week: The Art of Motion

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