12-Week: Character Development with Karina Arroyave




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Program Description

In the world of acting, the ability to immerse yourself in diverse characters is what sets the true stars apart. Our “Character Development” program is meticulously designed to hone your craft and elevate your acting prowess. Led by industry-renowned instructor Karina Arroyave, with extensive experience in stage and screen, this course will equip you with the tools and techniques needed to breathe life into characters like never before.

What to Expect:

  1. Dive into the Characters’ Minds: Develop a profound understanding of your characters’ psychological makeup, ensuring your performances resonate on an emotional level.
  2. Embody the Character: Fine-tune your physicality and vocal range, seamlessly transforming into diverse characters from various backgrounds and time periods.
  3. Embrace Emotional Authenticity: Explore techniques to connect with your emotions and infuse your characters with genuine depth, captivating audiences with your vulnerability.
  4. Explore Scene Work and Improvisation: Sharpen your skills in scene study and improvisation, honing your ability to adapt and respond instinctively in diverse acting scenarios.
  5. Adapt to Different Genres: Learn to thrive in any genre, from compelling dramas to uproarious comedies, showcasing your versatility and prowess as an actor.

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Given the specialized nature of our Character Development program, we have limited spots available. Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to unlock your true potential as an actor.


Karina Arroyave, a distinguished actress and an esteemed acting instructor. Her stellar performances in legendary films such as “Lean on Me”, “One Eight Seven”, and the critically acclaimed “Crash” have propelled her to the limelight.

Transitioning seamlessly between the silver screen and television, Arroyave has graced numerous beloved series, such as “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”, “24”, and “Orange Is The New Black”. She recently mesmerized audiences with her powerful performance as Mierce Xiu on “The Blacklist”.

Beyond her commendable on-screen achievements, Arroyave is also the Head of The Acting Division at The New York Performing Arts Academy. Boasting over a decade of experience guiding the next generation of performers, she is revered for her supportive and nurturing style. Her unique teaching approach emphasizes emotional authenticity, empowering actors to find their voice and hone their craft.

Her success as a mentor is evident as her students continually sing praises of Arroyave’s inspiration and impact, establishing her as a respected figurehead in the entertainment industry.

Arroyave’s portrayal of Karla Córdova, a Salvadoran detainee, during the final season of Netflix’s comedy-drama, “Orange Is the New Black”, was hailed by critics and audiences alike. Described as “one of the most compelling characters in the entire series,” Arroyave’s heart-wrenching performance cemented her status as a formidable actress. Curious to see a glimpse of her in action? Click the link below to witness her unforgettable portrayal of Karla.



Application Fee: None
Tuition: $690.00-$740.00
  • This program/workshop is non-refundable, no exceptions. Credits for future programs/workshops will be issued.

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12-Week: Character Development with Karina Arroyave

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