The last season of TV’s “Mr. Robot” will be one big Christmas special, the show’s creator revealed Sunday.

Speaking to a packed crowd at the Tribeca Film Festival, Sam Esmail said the decision to close the USA Network show with a Christmas theme was made in homage to British TV series.

“Typically how [British shows] wrap up series, like the British [version of] ‘The Office,’ you tend to do a Christmas special. So the final season of ‘Mr. Robot’ is one very long Christmas special that will last about a week over Christmas of 2015,” Esmail said, according to Deadline.

The fourth and final season will take place in 2015 and continue to be inspired by current events, Esmail said. The tagline is “Our Democracy has been hacked” — a hint that it could touch on Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Esmail stayed mum on how the show will actually end, only saying, it’s still exactly how he always envisioned.

Star Rami Malek, who plays hacktivist Elliot Alderson, also stayed elusive.

“I think it’s going to come to a phenomenal end,” he said. “But I obviously can’t say how.”