Giselle Alers

Global Diplomatic Relations
Vice Chair NGO Committee On Private Sector Development
United Nations

Giselle Alers: A Catalyst for Global Change and Innovation

As the CEO and founder of Global Creative Economy Inc. (GCE), Giselle Alers is a luminary in fostering the creative economy on a global scale. Her illustrious career, initially rooted in accounting and community activism, has evolved into a vocation for cultural intelligence and international diplomacy. Giselle’s journey began in the heart of New Jersey, where her work providing tax and immigration services for Latin American consulates ignited her passion for cultural exchange and support for youth with special needs, immigrants, and underrepresented communities.

Her dedication to cultural intelligence propelled her into a decade-long tenure at the United Nations, where she collaborated closely with global dignitaries and heads of state. This experience laid the groundwork for what would become her most significant venture: GCE. As a business incubator and accelerator, GCE stands at the forefront of innovation and talent transfer across all economic sectors, championing inclusive development and leveraging the creative industries to combat poverty.

Under Giselle’s leadership, GCE’s mission intersects with Sustainable Development Goals, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), and Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) criteria, epitomized by initiatives like the Global Creative Economy Festival 2020. Her work transcends traditional boundaries, embodying a commitment to creating pathways for emerging professionals and fostering a global community dedicated to sustainable and inclusive growth.

In addition to her role at GCE, Giselle serves as the Vice Chair of the NGO Committee On Private Sector Development at the United Nations, further amplifying her impact on global diplomatic relations and private sector engagement in development initiatives.

Giselle Alers’ career is a testament to the power of vision, activism, and cultural intelligence in creating a more inclusive and innovative world.