Evening Monologue & Scene Study

If you are looking to become a better, more complete actor, this 8-week program can help. Everyone, from those just beginning their career to seasoned pros, can benefit from the techniques discussed, practiced and workshopped.

The course is taught by Karina Arroyave, an accomplished film and television actress with numerous credits, including her critically acclaimed role of Karla on the hit Netflix series Orange Is The New Black, the hit television series 24 and award-winning film Crash.

Guided by NYPAA’s techniques and Karina’s professional insight, students will develop concentration and train themselves to be responsive and expressive within imaginary circumstances. This results in a skilled, authentic actor with an organic, spontaneous and disciplined instrument.

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Start: 06/21/2019
End: 08/16/2019


Program hours are 6:30p – 8:30pm
Fridays Only

Course Fees

Course Fee: $395.00
  •  Intensive tuition is non-refundable
  • Course Fees exclude flights and visa costs.  Flights and visas are the responsibility of the student

Application Deadlines

We recommend early registration with this intensive as it fills quickly.