11 ‘Mario’ Characters, Power-Ups and More We Want to See in the Chris Pratt Movie

After months of waiting, Nintendo fans were finally treated to the first look at the animated “Super Mario Bros.” movie from Illumination, the animation studio behind “Minions” and “Despicable Me.” Anxious anticipation has been building ever since the “Mario” movie was first announced, but perhaps nothing was more hyped than hearing Chris Pratt voice Mario for the very first time. And, well, Pratt’s Mario voice got mixed results. It wasn’t quite Mario or Italian, and it mostly sounded a lot like Pratt’s normal voice.

But besides Mario’s voice, fans of the video games got to see the Mushroom Kingdom in vibrant animation. Bowser’s flying, fiery castle looked hotter than ever, and characters like Toad, Luigi, Kamek, the Koopa Troopas and Dry Bones were finally brought to life on the big screen. There are still plenty more characters, like Donkey Kong, Peach and Cranky Kong, to unveil, but “Super Mario Bros.” already looks more promising that most video game movies.

The “Mario” video games have countless characters, worlds and power-ups to pull into the movie, so what other Easter Eggs could be hiding in the animated film? Could Wario or Waluigi be surprise villains alongside Bowser in the movie? Could Mario pick up a fire flower or ride a Yoshi? Here are some video game elements we hope are included in the film, or perhaps in a sequel.