The Best Halloween Costumes for Women in 2022

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When it comes to an impressive Halloween costume, proper preparation and creativity is key. Although it’s a month away, spooky season is officially upon us and it’s time to start brainstorming for a weekend’s worth of costumes.

There are dozens of Halloween costumes for women to choose from based off the buzziest shows and films of the season — from She-Hulk to the Rockford Peaches, here are the best women’s costumes to shop this Halloween.

Wonder Woman

Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Courtesy of Spirit Halloween

Her name says it all and you will be a wonder wearing this deluxe authentic costume. This is the modern-day Wonder Woman costume from the “Wonder Woman” movie and comes with everything you need to look like this iconic superheroine. The dress has attached shorts with a metallic red top and blue mini skirt which is an almost dupe for the Gal Gadot movie from 2017. Also included is a belt, a pair of gauntlets, arm bands, and a pair of boot covers and her signature tiara to finish off this look.

Adult Wonder Woman Costume $49.99 Buy It

Starlight From ‘The Boys’

Prime Video

Courtesy of Amazon

Amazon’s latest hit show, “The Boys” is a unique take on the superhero genre where instead of using their powers for good, most of the show’s popular superhero characters are abusing their powers. Annie’s alter ego Starlight is one of the holdouts who is trying to use her powers for good and is another great Halloween costume choice. Team up with the rest of The Seven or go out on your own with this signature Starlight costume. Included in this outfit is her signature white dress, overlay skirt, cape, leg bracers and belt. If you want to up your costume, these shoes are a perfect way to complete the outfit.

Starlight Cosplay Costume Annie January $67.99 Buy It

Red Light Green Light Doll From ‘Squid Game’

Courtesy of Netflix

Courtesy of Spirit Halloween

This Netflix phenomenon won all the awards and has a ton of great Halloween inspiration from which to choose. One of the not so fun games in Squid Game was a sinister take on the classic kids game, “Red Light, Green Light” which featured adults dress as dolls. Straight from the show, this costume features an orange bib-style dress with tee, white socks and a creepy half mask that will make you instantly recognizable. Check out more “Squid Game” Halloween costumes here.

Adult Squid Game Costume $49.99 Buy It


Marvel Studios

Courtesy of Amazon

One of the best things to come out of Marvel this year is the She-Hulk character and television show. As an attorney by day and She Hulk at night, this female empowerment-driven character is everything we want to be. The costume is just as good as it includes a full bodysuit that zips up the back and is designed to look like Jennifer Walters when she hulks out. It also includes a pair of fingerless gloves and white boot covers.

Pick up this green wig and/or use a ton of green hair or face paint to go full on She-Hulk.

She-Hulk Deluxe Adult Costume $54.99 Buy It

Jurassic Park

©MCA/Courtesy Everett Collection

Courtesy of Halloween Costumes

This Dr. Ellie Sattler costume from the Jurassic Park movie franchise is an easy Halloween costume to get on board with. Items included in this outfit come straight from the OG film and include a light blue tank top, pink button up shirt to wear over the top, the perfect cuffed khaki shorts with cuffed hems, and a Jurassic Park official visitors badge. Add a mini stuffed dinosaur or a jumbo cave bone to complete the outfit. Pair it with a Jumbo Cave Bone.

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Marilyn Monroe

2022 © Netflix

Courtesy of Halloween Costumes

On the heels of the latest Netflix, movie, “Blonde,” Marilyn Monroe has not only enraptured us for decades but dressing up as her for Halloween this year seems wholly appropriate. As there are many iterations of Marilyn, the iconic white halter dress is the one we chose as it will be instantly recognizable. This costume is simple and comes with a bodysuit and sheer chiffon skirt that will show off the bodysuit underneath. If you are up for it, add the wig (we found a great one below), some chunky rhinestone jewelry and a sultry red lip. Pair it with this blonde Marilyn wig.

Blonde Bombshell Women’s Costume $49.99 Buy It

Rockford Peaches in ‘A League of Their Own’

Anne Marie Fox/Prime Video

Courtesy of Spirit Halloween

While the uber-successful movie came out in 1992, The “A League of Their Own” franchise has discovered a whole new set of fans with the brand-new TV show from Amazon. So not only will dressing up in this authentic costume be fun, but it will also be relevant and easy to spot. The costume comes with everything you need to become a Peach and includes the dress with adhesive patches, belt, red knee socks and hat. The outfit will not be complete without the baseball bat.

Adult Rockford Peaches Costume $49.99 Buy It