The Best Family Halloween Costumes to Wear This Year: From Star Wars to Marvel

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If dressing up the whole fam is the Halloween theme this year, it’s time to get moving. While it can feel a little overwhelming to dress yourself, much less an entire family, we’ve done some research for you — and we found some dazzling family Halloween costumes for everyone in the house.

These costumes are all instantly recognizable, relevant and have options for adults, kids and even pets. Here are some of the best family Halloween costumes from the quirky Addams Family and Ghostbusters to the Flintstones and Batman.

The Addams Family

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This classic TV family makes for a great Halloween costume as they are already a family unit, they have the spook-factor that is the crux of Halloween and if half the fun of Halloween getting ready, then their costumes will make for a fun pre-show. There are also a few TV and movie iterations which means there are plenty of options to choose from , making the costume truly individual.


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Morticia Costume $39.99 Buy It


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Gomez Addams Costume $54.99 Buy It


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Pugsley Kids Costume $39.99 Buy It

Wednesday Addams

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Wednesday Addams Kids Costume $29.99 Buy It

Wizard of Oz

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There is no place like home. Another classic pick, The Wizard of Oz was made to be a group costume. Start with Dorothy and work your way through all the friends she makes exploring the Yellow Brick Road. The scarecrow, tin man and lion are all there for the taking and each has a distinct, authentic costume that will not only turn heads, but will make for the best pictures for all your social media feeds.


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Dorothy Adult Costume $39.99 Buy It


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Scarecrow Costume $49.99 Buy It

Tin Man

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Wizard of Oz Tin Man Costume $159.99 Buy It

Cowardly Lion

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Cowardly Lion Costume $59.99 Buy It

Marvel Family

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A superhero family is a great costume option for a group as there are so many great options, it may be hard to narrow down your favorite. You can do the Incredibles family, an all-Marvel Avengers cast, a generic superhero cast and many, many more. Our picks below are for an all-Avengers family costume as there is not only an incredible cast of characters from which to choose but they are hugely trending now with all the movies, spin-offs and franchises. Get ready to win all the prizes.


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She-Hulk Costume $54.99 Buy It


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Ant-Man Grand Heritage Adult Costume $499.99  $129.99 Buy It

Black Panther

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Ms. Marvel

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Secret Warriors Ms. Marvel Costume for Girls $29.99 Buy It

The Flintstones

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Another great classic, family-friendly and family-ready costume are the Flintstones. This prehistoric family has a signature look that no one will mistake, has little in the bells and whistles department so you won’t have to search for many accessories and has the cutest kid-friendly costumes they will feel comfortable in all night long. To make it even more next level, take your dog out with you to represent everyone’s favorite prehistoric pet, dino.


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Adult Fred Costume $29.99 Buy It


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Adulta Wilma Flintstone Costume $39.99 Buy It


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Toddler Pebbles Costume $29.99 Buy It


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Toddler Bamm-Bamm Costume $29.99 Buy It

Star Wars

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May the force be with you is what they will say when you turn out in this epic family costume. Choose from classic Princess Leia in her many iterations from the sultry gold bikini to the classic white hooded robe. You can even go for the modern Rey costume from Star Wars the Force Awakens. For the other characters, choose from Han Solo to Luke Skywalker and the kid options include pint size iterations of Queen Amidala and R2D2 to an Ewok and Stormtrooper.

Princess Leia

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Deluxe Adult Princess Leia Costume $84.99 Buy It

Han Solo

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Queen Amidala

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Queen Amidala Kid’s Costume $64.99 Buy It


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No matter which Ghostbusters movie franchise is your favorite, this family-friendly costume is another fun one. Easily mix and match the classic 80’s film with the 2016 one with these authentic costume options for all family members. Throw in everyone’s favorite Stay Puft Marshmallow costume or slimer costume for the kiddos as they are certainly less scary in the toddler size versions.

Women’s Ghostbuster

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Stay Puft Marshmallow

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Kids Ghostbusters Stay Puft Costume $44.99 Buy It


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Ghostbusters Slimer Costume for Toddlers $34.99 Buy It

Karate Kid

©Columbia Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection

The classic eighties film had three sequels and now is a popular TV show that is getting rave reviews. While you can go as each individual character, we feel the Cobra Kai Dojo skeleton crew from the first film makes the most sense as it not only represents the OG movie, but a skeleton on Halloween just make sense. Below are some great iterations of the skeleton costume that will work for the whole family.


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Adult Skeleton Jumpsuit Costume $19.99 Buy It


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Skeleton Costume for Kids $29.99  $24.99 Buy It


©Warner Bros/Courtesy Everett Collection

Another great family costume option is all the iterations of Batman. Between the dozen or so movies and TV show versions, you can have a ball picking and choosing just which one to be. From the classic TV series Batman and Robin to the Dark Knight and Dawn of Justice movies, Batman and his Justice League pals are sure to wow.G

Batman Classic Series Grand Heritage Costume

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Adult Batgirl Costume

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Grand Heritage Dark Knight Batman Costume

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Teen Robin

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Teen Titans Robin Men’s Costume $49.99 Buy It