Amazon Prime Video International Chief Kelly Day Highlights Localization Strategy in Asia, Latin America

Localization, and in some cases hyper-localization, is the modus operandi for growth in global markets for Amazon Prime Video, according to Kelly Day, VP, International, for the streamer.

“When we think about launching in a new country, we really want to make sure that we bring a truly local feel to it. So, we’re trying to be very thoughtful when we enter a new region to make sure that we’re not only bringing all of these amazing global series and tentpoles, but that we really do it right, locally,” Day said while delivering one of the keynotes at the APOS conference in Singapore on Wednesday.

The service launched recently in Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines and the company has hired a local team in the region. Day was also part of the Prime Video team that launched a 40-strong Indian slate in April.

Day said that the localization went beyond content and extended to the entire user experience where the interface feels local to the consumer. The executive talked up the success of the mobile only tier in India and the extent of localization in the territory, where the streamer programs in 10 languages.

“We’re continuing to really double down on our investment in local content in India, and really making sure that we just continue to deliver that hyper-localized experience that we know that our Indian customers really want,” Day said.

“We’ve seen customers in both India and Japan respond incredibly well to our selection and our content offering,” Day added. “But also, both regions really rely very heavily on local content – American content, or Western content, doesn’t tend to resonate or be quite as popular with our customers in those regions. And so we have made a significant investment in original content in Japan, as well.”

Day said Prime Video’s unscripted commissions have worked well in Japan and the streamer’s next push is into scripted, including “Modern Love Tokyo.”

Going local is a strategy that is applied to other international markets as well, Day said, highlighting the 70 originals coming up in Latin America over the next 12 months.

“Our strategy is really about delivering that extremely relevant local service to our customers,” Day said. “We’ve got some really exciting momentum internationally and see just a huge amount of growth ahead for Prime Video, in particular outside the U.S.”