‘FBoy Island’ Stars Tamaris, Mia and Louise Break Down Finale Twist: ‘We Never Fumble the Bag’

SPOILER ALERT: This piece contains spoilers for the finale of “FBoy Island,” now streaming on HBO Max. 

Just as “FBoy Island” stars Mia Emani Jones, Louise Barnard and Tamaris Sepulveda prepared to make their final decisions, host Nikki Glaser presented the three leading ladies with a surprise third option: They could choose neither of their remaining two men, and instead keep the $100,000 for themselves. 

In the end, only Tamaris chose the money, while Mia and Louise gambled with FBoy contestants Mercedes Knox and Peter Park, who both opted to split the prize money with them. 

The ladies chatted with Variety ahead of the season finale to reflect on their experiences, and give an update on their love lives. 

“I had in the back of my head, ‘Maybe I should just screw him over before he screws me over,’” Louise recalls of her final choice. “But I felt like that would be horrible to Benedict, because he’s also a great option. And so I decided it wouldn’t make sense for me to take the whole $100K.” 

Mia came much closer to accepting the cash, revealing that she took over 40 minutes to make the call. “I thought about it: Dental school. House. Car. But I was like, ‘No, I can’t take it away from either of them.’” 

And then there’s Tamaris. “I was like, ‘Can I see myself with these guys in the future?’ It was never about the money, because regardless, I was gonna get the $50K. I was going to win,” she says. “To be honest, I wasn’t in love. If I was in love, and I would have felt like these girls felt for these guys, then it would have been a different story. But I wasn’t, so I had to choose myself. I can’t settle for less.” 

Tamaris did say that she intended to choose Casey before the twist was revealed. “A lot of people love Casey,” she says, expressing fear about fan reaction to her choice. “Second year in a row, he’s the runner up! And he came as a nice guy! They’re gonna hate me, but it’s totally fine. Some people are either gonna like me, or they’re gonna hate me. It was my decision.” 

“All you need to know is that we never fumble the bag,” Mia adds, pre-empting any fan concerns that the ladies weren’t money-minded. “We’re always going to make sure all three of us are good before anything. So us fumbling the bag would just be awful. And that’s not who we are. We are strong, independent women.” 

The women worked as a team throughout the season, swapping information and supporting each other. But when it came to the final choice, they were separated for the entire day, left to make their decisions alone. While they all ended up cashing in, Mia and Tamaris say they were scared for Louise. “When I heard Mercedes’ name, I wanted to die in my chair,” Mia recalls. 

“I was gonna stand up,” Tamaris chimes in. “Me and Mia were gonna hit him!” 

Louise says her “heart melted” when he split the cash, but watching his confessionals back was “infuriating” for her. 

“He was like this Cheshire Cat,” she says. “I found out that he had this temper and everything. But I didn’t see any of that. Watching it back, I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, I look like an idiot.’ I really look like I’m just falling for all these tricks.” 

As for their current relationship status: it’s complicated. “We’re obviously going to celebrate the finale together, so he’s coming to Miami,” Louise says. “We took a little break after the show, because there was a lot of pressure to work things out. And then — I don’t know. We’re on good terms, but it’s kind of up in the air right now.” 

Also up in the air: Mia’s relationship with Peter. “Peter and I right now are very much…” she trails off and pauses before continuing. “What would we call it? Friends. I talk to Peter maybe once or twice a month. But we both understand the current situations — he lives in D.C. and I’m in Miami for dental school. So it just wasn’t gonna work out, because we’re both F-People.” 

Mia feels she deserves some acknowledgement for convincing her final two FBoys to split the money with her: “Hey, you like who you like! I like FBoys. I just will continue with the toxicity, and hopefully my relationships and love life brings people joy. You gotta give me credit, I can reform an FBoy!” 

She has stayed in contact with runner-up Danny, though. “We fell off a little bit after the show, because obviously, I didn’t split the money with him. And that kind of hurt his feelings, because he actually cares about me. But I think I can say that Danny and I are friends. We talk almost every day. But who knows?” 

As for the future of the franchise as a whole, all three ladies say they’d love to see the roles reversed with an “FGirl Island” spinoff. 

“Fuck yeah!” Tamaris exclaims. “I would teach those little girls how to be a real FGirl.”