Dave Matthews gives fans update on ‘great’ new album

Dave Matthews had news that was music to everyone’s ears. Literally.

The beloved singer revealed new music is en route from the Dave Matthews Band and the nearly-finished album is nothing short of “great.”

“I think we have a great record,” Matthews told Ari Fink on SiriusXM’s Dave Matthews Band Radio.

“We finished, for now, the recording, and then we were mixing and my friend, Rob Evans, who’s been really the force behind getting it done and been great, you know, it wouldn’t have happened without him and it’s been fun to work with him,” the singer said of the new record.

“So essentially we have to just put it in the bag and send it out into the world.”

The Grammy Award-winning band’s last studio album was “Come Tomorrow,” which was released in June 2018.

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“I’m really psyched about it. Every time I walk into the studio and we’re listening to mixes, I say, ‘Ooh,’ and then, you know, there’s another little song,” Matthews said of the new album.

Fink then chimed in, “I would imagine that last 1% or the last half percent or maybe even once you get to 99.9% done that last 0.1% of the record must be so impossible,.”

Matthews agreed, saying his biggest challenge is turning the collection of songs into an album.

The musician said his forthcoming album is “great” and he’s “psyched” about it.
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“That’s the part that’s hard to clean up. It’s not even just like sweeping things together in the sequence and getting the art. All those things are not, you know, necessarily necessary, but I’m because I’m old, I’m attached to the idea of a collection.”

“Maybe the next collection of songs will just be songs we put out on the internet. Or the streaming. I mean, wherever you put it. The whole world is a spider web,” Matthews added.