Which animal you see first could reveal the dominant side of your brain

Just as there are two sides to every story, there are also two sides to the mind.

However, most find that one side seems more dominant than the other. And this optical illusion, from the YouTube channel Bright Side, can help determine which side of the brain — left or right — is stronger.

Though they may look the same, each side of the brain processes information differently — both of which works together to help us navigate our complex world. The left-brain is often associated with logic and analysis, while the right has a reputation for imagination and intuition.

The illustration below depicts two jungle dwellers: a tiger and a monkey. And which one you see first can be a sign of whether you’re “left-brained” or “right-brained.”

[Warning: Spoilers below.]

Which do you see first: tiger or monkey?
Bright Side


If you saw the head of a tiger first then you might be left-brain dominant.

It means that you are a planner and who doesn’t feelings get in the way of your goals. You are also logical, realistic and precise in everything you do.

“You are an analytical person, very goal-oriented and organized. When faced with a problem you tend to be logical, calculative, and objective,” Bright Side said.


If you saw a monkey hanging from a tree then you could be right-brain dominant. These people are more often artists and day-dreamers who who will take action based on how they feel more than anything else. You might also be a bit more impulsive.

“You are a creative person who is full of innovative ideas. When faced with a problem you rely more on your intuition (which more often than not is correct) than on critical thinking,” according to Bright Side.

Those who see the monkey first are driven by patterns and facts, while those who see the tiger tend to think more visually and creatively.
Bright Side

Now just because you’re dominant with either the left or right side of your brain, doesn’t mean a left-brain dominant person can’t be creative or a right-brain dominant person can’t be organized. Rather, both halves complement each other and work together to make one complete brain.

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