Israel Reveals 30% Filming Incentive for International Productions

Israel’s ministries of culture and sports, economy and industry, foreign affairs, finance and tourism have revealed incentives to encourage foreign productions in the country.

Over the next two years, the inter-ministry collaboration will grant reimbursement for production expenses of up to 30% to foreign productions of films and TV series shooting in Israel, for an amount up to ILS16.6 million ($4.9 million). The financial aid will be given by the ministries to strengthen Israeli production companies operating in cooperation with foreign production companies in Israel. The aid will be granted through a special grant track of the investments and development authority for industry and the economy at the ministry of economy and industry.

The aid will also include animated film productions, in which up to 10% of the allocated budget will be reimbursed, and a further 10% of the post-production budget. The ministries will allocate $13.3 million towards promoting the initiative. The deadline for submitting applications is Aug. 22, 2022.

Director general of the ministry of finance, Ram Belinkov, said: “We believe that the fund will lead to the flourishing of collaborations in the culture and film industry in Israel, and will lead to diverse investments and employment in the economy.”

Director general of the ministry of culture and sports, Raz Frohlich, said: “The realization of the procedure and the photography in Israel will enable the strengthening of the Israeli cultural and film industries and the strengthening of the connection between Israeli culture and the State of Israel in the world. The workers of the Israeli cultural industry will receive an additional platform for action, development and promotion of their work. The act that encourages foreign productions in Israel puts us on the world map in this field as well.”

Director general of the ministry of economy and industry, Ron Malka, said: “We hope to see the program encourage foreign productions in Israel as a great opportunity to strengthen the Israeli culture and film industry.”

Director general of the ministry of foreign affairs, Alon Ushfiz, said: “In recent years, Israel’s status as a television and film content power has increased and the Israeli story generates global interest and curiosity. Along with promoting cooperation agreements in the field of cinema, the ministry of foreign affairs is working to strengthen political and bilateral ties through the cultural tool and the new move will both strengthen the Israeli economy and encourage tourism, and present the beautiful face of Israel that we all know.”

Director general of the ministry of tourism, Dani Shahar, added: “Besides Israel being an ideal setting for filming international productions, offering a very wide variety of landscape types, the charm of Israel will surely also appear in the series and films that will be produced here and will improve the status of our country among other countries of the world.”