Hong Kong Launches Inquiry Into Mirror Concert Incident That Injured Dancers

Hong Kong authorities have ordered an investigation into the incident on stage Thursday when a giant LED screen fell from the ceiling at a concert by boy band Mirror, injuring two male dancers.

“I have contacted the Secretary for Culture, Sports and Tourism, and instructed the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, together with relevant departments, to comprehensively investigate the incident and review the safety requirements of similar performance activities in order to protect the safety of performers, working staff and members of the public,” said the city’s Chief Executive John Lee. He described the events as a “a serious incident.”

The incident happened around 10.35pm local time on Thursday at the Coliseum, a major venue for the Canto-pop music scene. It was the fourth show in a planned run of 12 performances. The remainder of the series has now been canceled.

According to a spokesman for the Hong Kong’s Hospital Authority, one of the dancers suffered neck injuries and was in serious condition in intensive care. The other sustained injuries to his head and was described as stable. Their names were not released. A small number of audience members were also treated for shock.

Culture secretary Kevin Yeung said that his department would “set up a task force to be led by an assistant director to work with the Labour Department and relevant parties to investigate the cause of the accident.”

Yeung said that the two departments had already contacted the concert organizer on Wednesday “about the stage incidents in the past few days and requested the organizer to review and improve on the situation.”

The concerts were organized by MakerVille, the entertainment business arm of PCCW, and Music Nation.

The shocking incident was captured on video and shows a huge screen falling on to a stage full of performers and dancers. As it falls, the LED panel rotates before an edge appears to strike one person across much of the length of his body.

The earlier concerts had more minor incidents. On Tuesday, Mirror band member, Frankie Chan Sui-fai stepped off the edge of the stage, falling about a meter (roughly three feet) while addressing the audience. He suffered bruising which he showed on social media.

On Monday, three band members appeared to miss their steps on a suspended structure. And Anson Kong Ip-sang is reported to have lost his balance during another performance while on a rising platform.

On Tuesday, Mirror fans launched an online petition calling for more safety. It was reported to have attracted over 10,000 signatures within twelve hours.