People with a high IQ can solve this brainteaser in less than a minute

Time to find out if you’re as clever as you think you are.

Idioms are so common in everyday speech that it’s easy to forget the phrases are, in fact, entirely nonsensical when taken literally. Expressions like “raining cats and dogs” and “butterflies in my stomach” are illustrations to help emphasize an idea or state of being, and certainly not statements of fact.

That’s why idioms, when expressed visually, can make a challenging vocabulary test.

In the image seen here, provided by, there are five visual idioms hidden. Can you find them?

The illustration depicts a fair weather day at the park wherein people and animals alike can be seen enjoying the scene.

If you can spot all of the hidden idioms amongst, if might indicate just how sharp you are.

Here’s a hint before you get started: you’re likely to have heard all of these phrases in some kind of work meeting.

[Warning: Spoilers below]

The illustration of a day at the park was provided by toll free phone number generator

For starters, that dark cloud in the corner isn’t an indicator of a thunderstorm. It’s a “brainstorm.”

Underneath that cloud you’ll see two people playing baseball. But you know what you need to be safe in baseball? You have to “touch base.”

If you look over to the right there is a pond with four white ducks. And all of those ducks are in a row. So you’re seeing “ducks in a row.”

Even further off to the right you’ll notice that only one of the trees in the image has fruit on it, which is just within reach of any the people walking by. It’s “low-hanging fruit.”

And let’s not forget about that guy jogging in the very front. He’s running right by a sign that says, “One more mile.” You could say this guy is, “going the extra mile.”

The idioms are: a brainstorm, touch base, ducks in a row, low-hanging fruit and going the extra mile.

Did you find all five?

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