Nostalgic ‘Golden Girls’ pop-up restaurant opens — cheesecake included

Picture it: a festive place to celebrate “The Golden Girls.”

A touring pop-up restaurant based on the iconic TV series is set to open in several locations around the US in the next few months.

A Los Angeles spot will open on Saturday, July 30, while eateries in New York will launch in the fall, Miami and San Francisco in winter 2022 and Chicago in spring 2023.

The “fully immersive” restaurant is a “casual” — and selfie-friendly — experience that evokes 1980s Miami and “transports guests into the world of this endearing fan favorite.” Visitors must purchase tickets beforehand and each entry includes a 90-minute reservation, as well as a choice of a main dish and a slice of cheesecake, of course. The menu was curated by executive chef Royce Burke of Dino’s Famous Chicken, Secret Lasagna and Wyldefire Hot Sauce.

“Bringing Golden Girls to life has always been a dream of mine, the demand has far surpassed our wildest dreams,” Bucket Listers CEO Andy Lederman said in a press release. “Our team is confident that both die-hard fans of the show and first-timers alike will leave with a deeper appreciation for the show’s lasting legacy.”

“The Golden Girls” aired on NBC for seven seasons from 1985 to 1992 and starred TV legends Betty White, Bea Arthur, Rue McClanahan and Estelle Getty.

Tickets for the pop-up shop run about $49 a person.
Photos and memorabilia from the NBC sitcom line the walls of the restaurant.
The Golden Girls kitchen evokes 1980s Miami living.
The Golden Girls Kitchen

The project is a collaboration between travel website Bucket Listers and Derek Berry, creator of nostalgic pop-up shops Saved by the Max, Good Burger and The Peach Pit.

The fast-casual restaurant puts much of its emphasis on desserts, as well as an array of other menu items named after characters and memorable aspects of the series. Dishes include Sophia’s Lasagna Al Forno (available in meat or vegan), Blanche’s Georgia Style Cookie, Rose’s favorite Bacon Lettuce Potato Sandwich and The Lanai — a “Miami-style” Cuban sandwich.

New York, Chicago and San Francisco locations will also be opening in the next few months.
The restaurant contains many elements that will be familiar to fans of the show.
The Golden Girls Kitchen

The cheesecakes — available in chocolate, strawberry, pumpkin and Oreo flavors — are baked in partnership with local Los Angeles favorite East Side Cheesecakes.

Another sweet treat is the Sperheoven Krispies — a horribly smelly “ancient Scandanavian midnight snack,” according to White’s daffy character Rose in an episode of the show, but for real-life purposes, it is a delectable dish made with cheesecake, strawberries and chocolate ice cream.