Camille Vasquez says Johnny Depp appealed verdict because Amber Heard did

Johnny Depp’s hotshot lawyer Camille Vasquez opened up in a new interview Thursday about the actor’s decision to appeal the $2 million verdict awarded to Amber Heard in the couple’s defamation battle.

Vasquez told “CBS Mornings” co-host Gayle King it was “fair” to say that Depp’s team wouldn’t be seeking to appeal if his ex-wife hadn’t first filed to challenge the jury verdict ordering her to pay Depp $10 million in damages.

Depp filed his notice of appeal Friday seeking to overturn the single count of defamation that Heard won at their bombshell trial last month. His filing came one day after Heard filed her own appeal.

The 59-year-old “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor is hoping that the appeal will nullify the $2 million award the jury handed Heard over her claims that Depp’s lawyer made false and damaging comments about her.

Depp, of course, came out victorious last month when a Fairfax County, Va., jury found that Heard defamed him in a 2018 Washington Post op-ed piece on being a victim of domestic abuse.

Camille Vasquez said Johnny Depp’s team wouldn’t be appealing the $2 million verdict awarded to Heard if Heard had not challenged the original verdict.
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Rumors that Vasquez and Depp are romantically involved have been categorically denied.
Heard was awarded with $2 million over her accusations that Depp’s lawyer made false and damaging comments about her.

Vasquez said Heard’s appeal was “expected.”

“I mean, she’s indicated since the day she lost the trial that she was going to appeal,” the lawyer at Brown Rudnick said. 

Filing their own appeal is an effort “to protect our client’s interest,” Vasquez said, referring to Depp.

She also told King she felt “lucky” to represent the star accused of domestic abuse. 

“This was his name, this was his life. It was important,” said Vasquez, 38.

The lawyer, who became the breakout star of the trial, said she thought it was crucial that Depp had younger lawyers on his team.

“I think young people have a fresh perspective on especially these issues, the issues that we were discussing in this case — abuse, Me Too,” she said.

Vasquez added she was “disappointed” by the rumors she was romantically involved with Depp, which both have categorically denied.