Twerking girls host wild, booze-fueled pool party on NYC subway

This flash twerk party on a New York City subway was off the rails.

Straphangers struggled to hold onto their morals as a collection of voluptuous vixens dressed in skimpy black bikinis jumped, gyrated and jiggled during a makeshift pool party hosted inside an L train car. 

“WTF is going on here?,” questioned a stunned Twitter spectator beneath a viral clip of the twerking ladies, offering up lap dances and shots of liquor to subway passengers during a recent rush hour commute. 

The chaotically cringeworthy clip, shared by @_MikeFromQueens, has fetched over 235,000 Twitter views.

When the unnamed women weren’t busy shaking their moneymakers while travelers watched and filmed in awe, the party animals took turns hurling their bodies across a Slip ‘N Slide that was stationed on the train’s floor and lubricated with bottled water. 

Footage of a makeshift pool party in a New York City subway car went viral on Twitter.

The temptresses enjoyed the rest of their joyride by bouncing their bottoms on the crotches of male bystanders and twerking on each other in an inflatable pool. 

Unsurprisingly, outraged online onlookers couldn’t believe their eyes. 

“The most chaotic train ride ever,” tweeted a disapproving digital viewer alongside a separate clip of the subterranean bash. 

Twitter users blasted the women in the circulating clip for giving out lap dances despite the various health issues that are currently plaguing the city.

The footage featured two scantily clad voluptuaries popping their rumps while mesmerized eyewitnesses, including a person dressed in full crash-test-dummy garb, gawked. 

Other cyber critics called the scene “bad and dirty,” noting the revelers’ close proximity and physical contact despite the city’s rising number of COVID-19 and monekypox cases. 

However, some fearless fun-lovers praised the pack of dancing divas for making a splash out of the evening shuttle.  

“This the most lit s- -t ever,” exclaimed a Twitter thumbs-upper, punctuating his support of the underground get-down with a drooling emoji.